Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lonely... I'm so lonely

Proves that time is not the factor. I thought after getting back home I'll post more entries, given more free time, but I was wrong. I got nothing to be posted - since I got nothing to do here. After a month of crazy and hectic-ness, my life suddenly took a 360 degree turn into a blank and empty state. Gone were the sounds of 1st year studio students, the loudness, the raya songs played on their and my notebook. I've been missing those days like crazy. Right after getting back home, 3/4 of my days were filled with zzz... (recovering from days of unsleepness). Right now, I think it's been fully restored. Now I feel sooo lonely. Hmm... so I drastically decided to visit Afeeq's house. Spent 3 hours there chit-chatting. And went back home. Still feel lonely. 2 months more. Somebody save me.

p/s: Good luck for all STPM candidates especially Dian, Pah and Amira. Wishing u guys all the best.


faRa-D said...

huhu.... cam sama situasi je kite nih....muahaha... all im hoping is for others to update their blog so that i can read it!!!haihhh.....

Adian said...

heheh... tula. balik2 aku je yg terlebih rajin update.

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