Wednesday, November 30, 2005

MyKad, Zathura & Survey

I've procrastinated for sooo long that I've decided to apply for MyKad this morning, by hook or by crook! (my favourite sentence last year). Then, out of the blue, my matriculation practicum mate Daus sms-ed me. He's in KL now (all the way from Malacca) and asked me to join him touring KL today with Man (also my practicum mate who lives in KL). Hmm.. tough decision to make. But I can't afford to postpone the application for another day, so I told him that I'll try to finish the procedures as fast as I could.

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (Selayang branch)

So, earlier today at 8.30 am, me and my mom went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara in Selayang. There's a crowd already. We took our "angka giliran", 3215 and 3216 (my mom also applying), and the current number was 3050. Yeah, do the math. 165 more to go. So, we went for a breakfast at a nearby mamak.

Angka giliran

Crowd waiting

There's also Jamal Abdillah MTV VCD playing on big screen to keep us entertained. Eww... thank God my MP3 player's there to rescue me.

An hour later, we returned back to JPN, 80 more to go. So we decided to wait there. 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.... 5.... 3.... 2.... 1.... there! At 10.58 am, we went to the Part 1 - Photo Taking. Mine had to be done three times cause my eyes looked closed in the monitor (although I've tried to open it as large as I could!) Hehe. Then, we returned to our seat, waiting for the Part 2 - Details Confirmation and Thumbprint Taking, which were successfully done at around 11.45 am. Total time taken = 3 hours and 15 minutes. Yoohooo! At last!

After returning home, I sms-ed Daus and Man. They're in Sungei Wang. So I hopped on PUTRA, changed to monorail at Dang Wangi and arrived at Sungei Wang Plaza at 1.50pm. We had lunch, Daus bought some DVDs, and and we went to MidValley Megamall (cause tomorrow I'll go to Sungei Wang too with Afeeq). After an hour touring in MidValley, to fill the time left, we decided to watch movies. Not so many choices now. I've watched "Harry Potter", the first "Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam" was frustrating so we didn't want to watch the sequel, "The Fog" hasn't come out yet, "Cello?" please... I had enough of east horror movies. So? we went for "Zathura".


Zathura is about a game, accidentally played by always-fighting brothers, which takes them in larger-than-life, extraordinary, out-of-this-world space adventure. While the main plot consists of mainly action/adventure, every scene provides comic reliefs, although in the most intense moments. The visual effects were great and the little brother (hmm... forgot his name already) was sooo cute and adorable, yet talented kid. He delivers every line in childishly perfection. Overall, I loved this movie, and it's a great family movie, expecially in this holiday season.

GSC MidValley

After Maghrib prayer, on the way out of MidValley (near Starbucks), a chinese man approached us to be involved in a "survey for new ice lemon tea product," which we said with a flat "no". Then, while finding the taxi, another man came with the same purpose BUT this time he said what the man before forgot to - we'll get RM30 each upon a completed survey! Wow. So we agreed and he took us to a nearby building (17th floor if I'm not mistaken). It turned out to be a survey company, who do surveys for companies releasing new products to test the mass market. So, after drinking 4 types of iced lemon tea, and answering some questions (eg. "How much do you like the drink?" and "The taste was more to sour or sweet?"), we got RM30! Muahaha. It just covered my whole day expenses!!!

Before going back home (what the hell was with my face?)


ChikaDior said...

aku apply mykad kat tanjong malim. Kul 9 lebih, lom ada orang. Jd orang 1st.........

amazing, aite?

Adian said...

wow. bole masuk ripley's believe it or not. muahaha.
Bayangkan suara pengacara die, Dean Cain tu ckp:
"In Malaysia, a lucky girl was the first of the day to apply her new MyKad at a district called Tanjung Malim, eventhough it's already 9am! Believe it? Believe it." heheh.

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