Saturday, November 26, 2005

Notebook Tragedy

This should be in consideration for the 'Tragedy of the Year' award. While watching National Geographic 'Deadly Design' last Thursday, a fight broke between my lil' brother and me (like every other nights too), but this time he suddenly went too far and kicked my notebook screen (from the back). I watched in horror when the image on the screen broke. Thankfully I got my home PC to surf the net. And thankfully too, the hard disk wasn't affected. The notebook will be repaired ASAP (and will burn a hole in my dad's pocket for sure).


ChikaDior said...

shian laptop berjasa nih. Laptop tersebut la kesyangan warga studio 1...... sbb byk berjasa kat pengguna internet yg ghairah nak online. ( of them)

Adian said...

huhu. doakanla agar notebook ini selamat menempuhi ujian yg dikenakan ke atasnya. amin.

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