Sunday, November 27, 2005

Open House

I got invitation for two open houses yesterday. At 3.30pm, Tarsem picked me at home and went to Farehah's open house. Dian, Mastura, Athirah, Sheekira, and Nad were present. Spent some time chit-chatting with them. And later at 7pm, I hopped on PUTRA to Masjid Jamek and met Farah (Masjid Jamek and Masjid India are two different masjid ye Farah... hehe) before catching a STAR to Cempaka to attend Nurul's open house. Shafiz was present too. It's been a month since I met them, and lots of stories were shared. After realizing the clock has strucked 10.30pm, and fearing we might not be able to catch a train home, we snapped some photos, and left Nurul's home at 11pm. Thank God we managed to catch the very last STAR train to Masjid Jamek, and the second last PUTRA to Gombak. Arrived home at 12.15am. Phew! Thanx Farehah and Nurul for being good hosts and filled my stomach. Burp!

Credit goes to Farah for these photos (my camera ran out of battery! da*n!)

Me, Shafiz, Farah and Nurul.

a-la family photo

Farah was gelabah, wondering if we managed to catch the train.

Thankfully, it came at last.


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