Friday, December 30, 2005

Ain't Your Average 3rd Day

Whoa... yesterday was the third day of the semester, and it already felt like our last project last semester. God, this is truly unexpected. Really. We should have our drawings, sketches, and model ready by Friday, and at Thursday 5pm, we didn't even have AN IDEA! At one point, we're really feel hopeless. 5X5X10 feet is absoultely absurdly small. Than we took consultation from En Mazlan who agreed to extend the limits for additional elements like roof, ladders, etc.

Ok, ok, this is totally mind-blowing

The brown one is Aliff's model

The little white one is mine.

Figuring out that 5x5 feet is ridiculously small

So what exactly we will do?

We started work on our model, which we're actually not happy for because it's too "not artistic", but the lecturers constantly bashing our "artistic" idea, and instead asked us to opt for the simpler ones. He kinda liked my design, but again, like last semester, not my roof! Okay, okay, FINE!!! You want square? I'll give you square!

Nurul working on site analysis

Aliff and Afeeq working on the model

While Nisa and I handled the drawing thingy

The freaking studio closed at 12, so as usual, we had no choice but to work outside. And the groups which survived up to this point are....


and Ceeda's

My group finished at 3am. Their's still there.


fara-D said...

wahlala!!! now ko tak leh jeles ngan group aku kite dah bergabung!!!! hO yEAh!!!~


Adian said...

gegar... gegar... gegarkan gegar... gegar... (petikan lagu da' bomb) muahaha besla, kuorum geng dh cukup 2/3. heheh.

fara-D said...

berkobar kobar...

hehehe...lagu pe plak tuh yerr....^_^

ChikaDior said...

baik nyanyi lagu "pak mamat ada rambot... iya...iya...oooo...rambutnya macam BABY... " (sila abeskan lagu)

waaa...aku kelihatan spt sorang arkitek jadian. wakaakka

Adian said...

haha sungguh xbaik kamu memperkotak-katikkan puteri, kang lame2 die merajuk kang. wakakaka

fara-D said...

janji kiterr eNNNNjOYYYYY!!!

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