Friday, December 23, 2005

All The First Times

Got 'tagged' by Nurul (yeah, thank you soo much, hehe). Okay, here it comes...

First time to school

Do you count kindergarten as school? I don't remember much about my first time in kindergarten. It was just all-day fun. But for the "real" school, my dad sent me to Sekolah Rendah Sultan Sulaiman 1 (I guess now it's Sekolah Kebangsaan), which is about 1 kilometre away from my home in Terengganu (I lived there for 6 years). If I'm not mistaken, my class teacher was Pn. Zabedah Hj. Talib. And please, I didn't need my dad to hang outside the class all day long. That would be pathetic.

First time to cook

As far as my memory allows me to go, that would be CURRY MAGGI. Maybe when I was in standard 2/3. I can still remember, my mom give me instruction and just watched me. Put the kuali onto the stove, put 2 mugs of water, heat it, put the curry powder, wait till it boiled, and put the maggi, reheat.

First time to be away from the family

For a short term, that would be a motivational course held by my sekolah agama when I was in standard 4/5 in Bangi (without knowing eventually I'll be back there!).

But for a long term, it was Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka. I can remember being extremely excited, because I've never been in asrama, I just hate it. The dorm systems, prep and all that crappy stuffs (no offence MRSMers). And no TV!!! (the MAIN reason why I didn't apply for it) But in matriculation, I know the rules are much less tighter. And thanks to Afeeq, my friend from secondary school, whom we became instant bestfriends, and my ever happening practicum mates, I've been able to make a very smooth transition from home to the college. (Sigh... missing the good ol' days)

First time to fall in love

Hmm... How I'm gonna answer this... OK, let's just put things straight. Have you ever watched movies or cerekaramas, where students fell in love, sent love letters, met under the tree and do crap stuffs like that? Me? I was totally the opposite. When I was in primary school, it never came to my mind to fall in love. Or even think about it. EVER. It took me 17 years, when I was in Form 5, before I had my serious first crush (damn, this is embarrasing). I don't know if she knows it. We're still in contact, but it's been long since I last heard from her. But it was in matriculation when I really actually fell in love. It was in that moment when I really fell what's love is all about (shit, this is really not me speaking). I was smiling day and night, my handphone is something impossible for me to leave. I was mad. It was soo freaking obvious that all my male practicum mates noticed it. It was just un-hiddenable.

What happened next, is not required by the question given.

First time to be interviewed

Hmm... if being interviewed by a journalist is counted, it is when I was in form 4, after one of my happiest events ever (see the last question). But if you discount it, it would be none other than UKM's architecture interview I sat early this year. I forgot who's interviewing me. At first, it went pretty well, but suddenly, after failing to name a "local architect other than Hijjas Kasturi" I was constantly attacked by him ("You're not prepared! Bla2..."). Before concluding the session, he asked me to do solat hajat. I was really like "you got no chance, man!", but just look where I am now?

First time to cinema

I totally forgot this actually. What I can be sure, it is a Malay movie. But thanks to which listed all local movie titles by year, I found it. It was Senario The Movie. Yes, the first Senario movie. I watched it with my cousin at Mahkota Parade. Since that, I became a cinema lover.

First time to live in shared house (rumah bujang)

I believe this question is not meant for me yet. Next please.

First time to get hold to my own money

(Duit raya is not accounted) It was in my year-end holiday after form 4 when I entered a website designing contest sponsored by Shell and Mingguan Malaysia. You know, long holiday, lots of spare times. And shockingly got the first prize. (I hope this will explain to all who asked me about the giant cheque I was holding in my Friendster photos.) The feeling of getting such a huge amount (at that time) is unspeakable. I was speechless.

I hope that settles it. Phew! Spent 3 hours typing this thing out.


fara-D said...

wah wah!!
aku sgt suka jwpn no 4 ituh!!
muahaha!! ku pokir, idup ku & nurul saja yg penoh dramatik & hyperbola...
ko nye...bleh wat pilem romantik tros!!

Adian said...

hoho. cinta monyet yg bodoh je. muahaha. klu la "org tu" bace (harap2nye tidak), memang xtau la nak letak muka kat mane. hoho... pas ni aku carik game2 sebegini la, nk tag kat korang sume. heheh.

ChikaDior said...

*icon ym chat org gelak guling-guling*



question no 4 tu mmg da bomb! skang aku tau adian penah falling in love yg hebat! Uuuuyo! ngaku lak tuh. Owh, man! *Encik Abd Halim nyer style*

ahahahahahh lagi!

baru ku tau kini

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