Wednesday, December 07, 2005


As planned weeks ago, earlier this morning I went to KLCC's latest attraction, the Aquaria, to meet my coursemate - plus researching for our next project the coming semester, which will have something to do with marine life. Joining me were Ainul, Ceeda, Nurul, Shah, Farah, her sister, her lil cousin, and Nurul's friend. We met at KLCC at 10am. So, the 'tour de aquaria' begun. Maybe this will be useful if you plan to visit it.

The entrance (a-la Putra/STAR/Monorail)

You can bring as many cameras as you wish, but strictly no flash, which was very troublesome for me and my cheapy camera. (hehe) Lots of Photoshop-ings were required to make the pictures brighter.

You'll find several medium sized aquariums and man-made ponds, you'll find pretty familiar fishes like stingray (pari), tortoises, and giant lizards.

Farah's lil cousin was admiring the lizards.

Ainul took pictures of the tortoises.

A 'green section' awaits you. It houses frogs, snakes, beetles, spiders, and so on. You'll be entertained with sounds of cengkerik.

After the green section, you'll enter the 'rainforent section'. The main eye-cather here is a huge cylindrical aquarium at the center of the section. It's beautiful - kinda like the one at Singapore's Underwater World. There's also mega aquariums, housing XXXL sized fishes. You can also try to touch a starfish (tapak sulaiman).

Don't feed the fish - it bites!

The most exciting section, the underwater tunnel. The floor moves like escalator (also like Singapore) so you don't have to walk. There's a huge variety of fishes here, including sharks. It was short though.

A worker was feeding the fishes.

He who needs no introduction - Mr. Shark

This section actually is jointed with the section before the tunnel. Not much for display here. But I just loved the coral themed aquarium. Have you seen Baz Luhrman's Romeo+Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes? Yes, they first met at this kind of aquarium.

Ceeda was explaining something to Farah's lil cousin.

Hehe. This is actually a short path joining Section 5 and 6. It was dark and there's no fish, so flash was allowed, which means nothing than... say cheeeese!

The last of all. Again, there's not much attention-demand display. One thing captured my attention though is an aquarium with "Nemo" and "Dory" species of fish. But the fish moves so damn fast I couldn't manage to capture it properly.

Nurul was also tring to snap the fish.

After an hour and a half, we exited from Aquaria. Hmm... did the objective of "researching" reached? Hmm... I'm not sure. We do took a lot of pictures though! Heheh.

We had lunch at KFC. Nurul, her friend and Farah managed to buy a RM49.90 perfume from a table-to-table salesman. See? They can shop without even leaving the table. Believe it? Believe it.

After that, the girls went for window shopping while I went up straight to Kinokuniya. As I mentioned in the previous post, no photographing was allowed in Suria KLCC. Well, rules are meant to be broken, right? Hehe.

I also did photography experiment. I took several shots and combined them to produce a panoramic view. Here's the results. Well, I know it looked obviously patched up. Yeah, you can't expect a lot from a 10 minute job.

With an astounding 23 photos, I wrap my longest post ever. Not ever. Yet.


ChikaDior said...

woahhhh.... hepi lak aku thk gambar2 tu.Enjoy giler ar ngan korang. BEST! aku rasa aquaria tu biasa je.Tp korang dan kegilaan kita sumer yg buat aquaria tu super duper best!

suka la gambar kami berpelukkan each other tu. ahahahha

ChikaDior said...

eh...btw, its a cd-rom. cam discovery channel...

Adian said...

o ye ke. ade info pasal ikan ke, pasal aquaria?

fara-D said...

lil cousin of mine admiring lizards??? ayyo!! slalu nye pecah gegendang tlinga aku dgr dia jerit nampak cicak....
nurul...aku juga suka gambar kite berpelukan tuh!!!haha!! sememang nye kemana jua kite pergi, tpt yg suram sentiasa ceria....BEST BEST!!!! klcc best...aquaria best...stesen lrt pon jadik best...sebab...KITER BEST!!haha!!
waa....nnt kua camni lagik ek!! isk...
haha...igt!!destinasi kita seterus nya....

oh ko ade ngan aku la adian!! enul simpan dlm beg aku smlm!!

Adian said...

o ok. 18 hari lagi bagi aku ye. hehe.

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