Monday, December 26, 2005

Comes With A Price

Earlier this morning (8.30am) I went to register myself at the college. Got two forms. One of them was the wireless application form. Remember the newly installed wireless? Yes, it's not free (of course!). The fees is RM100 for a semester, or RM30 monthly if you wish didn't wish to subscribe for the whole semester.

So, will I apply for an account? Hell, of course! Currently the connection is a bit slower, maybe because all the students been using it. But I'm sure not all of them will apply for it, so maybe the connection will be better then.


fara-D said...

nak jugak!nak jugak!!! hoho!!

Adian said...

bayar je la rm100. dpt la. muahaha.

ChikaDior said...

jom la hantar...manala tau da byr dia laju ker.. nge ngeh

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