Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Little About Pangkor

Sunset in Pangkor. Never really watch this purplish sky in real life.

The new semester opens in less than 2 weeks from now (double YAY!). If last semester (August), our courseteam went to Port Dickson (you can read the stories and activites HERE, but sorry no pictures there cos I haven't bought the camera yet at that time), on this coming semester, we'll be heading to Pulau Pangkor. (originally planned for Pulau Kapas but the lecturers changed it for unknown reason, maybe because Pangkor is nearer).

I used to get confused with Pangkor and Tioman, which one is in Perak and Pahang. But as you know, Pangkor is situated off-coast Perak. You can reach there by taking a 40-minute journey with ferry from Lumut. According to some "research" on the Net, there's a clutter of islands in the surrounding area, but Pangkor and her sister island Pangkor Laut are the two biggest dominator. I'm not so sure about the island development, but who cares? People and tourists flocked the island every year to enjoy it's beautiful nature. From, "Pangkor welcomes visitors with its serene golden beaches, crystalline blue waters, and cool refreshing breezes". Yeah yeah yeah. That is what I call hyperbola, Nurul.

The most famous resorts in Pangkor, Pangkor Laut Resort. Of course we'll not be staying there.

If all plan goes well, this will be my first time visiting Pangkor. My family has been there about 7 years ago (they secretly went on vacation while I went for some stupid 'kursus' at that time. so unfair). Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to this one, especially with all my happening coursemates. Pangkor, we will rock you!


as3 said...

eyy..nak pegi pangkor ehh.. ekotttttt... * x malu seh as3 nieh.. nyiahahahaha

ChikaDior said...

ehhhh... how come? hhhh..hoow.. how come? aku tatau pon pulau kapas dah disumpah menjadi pulau pangkor.huwaaa... i dunno pon!!! atau aku tak perasan, atau sememangnya aku x diberitahu? miahahah... pangkor pon pangkor la.Tp pangkor bosan. :-( baik g langkawi. *ni nak tunjuk perasaan ni*

hmm..redha je la

Adian said...

loh. ingatkan ko tau. bukan dah lame ke tau tuka plan nih. fara yg bgtau aku. b4 g aquaria lagi klu aku xsilap.

fara-D said...

hoih!! after aquaria tuh la...ko neh adian!!
cik nurul...cik ceeda yg gtau...abg lan bermsg an ngan dia gtau tuka plan tuuh!!
haa...aku tau nape ko nak gi langkawi...ngeh ngeh!! coklat kannnnnnnn!!!

Adian said...

oo after aquaria ek. nasib aku tulih "kalu xsilap" hehe. dah cuti ni aku lost track la masa dan waktu. muahahah. langkawi pun biase je. barang je yg murahla sket.

ChikaDior said...

langkawi = coklat . TITIK!

aizar said...

woah,pangkor??scenery jer cantik..aman damai tempat tuh..sunyi sepi..seswai la kalo korang gi sbb bley buat havoc kat sane reramai..paling penting ley shopping!!pangkor byk pulau kecik2.time naik feri tuh loya-loya..
tp langkawi tetap the best la..seperti cik nurul cakap: COKELAT!!dgn adanya pembangunan coklat disitu,maka kami2 yang sukekan dan jatuh chenta dgn cokelat akan memuji tmpt2 yg dipenuhi cokelat.

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