Saturday, December 24, 2005

Looking Back

Unlike days before, the weather today is relatively good, bright and windy. Somehow I can imagine the sky smiling at me, bidding me farewell as I will leave back for UKM tomorrow. (Hehe, this is like Nurul's style of blogging). Okay, back to the usual unimaginative me. I got nothing excited to blog today, so I'll dedicate this entry as a review for my past 55-days holiday.

Looking back at the calendar
Nov 03 - Aidilfitri
Nov 17 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, met Tun Dr. M
Nov 24 - My Life As A Me officially transferred to Blogspot
Nov 24 - Notebook tragedy
Nov 26 - Nurul's open house
Nov 29 - MyKad, outing with Daus & Man, Zathura
Nov 30 - Harry Potter again with Afeeq
Nov 02 - Cousin's wedding at Malacca
Nov 04 - Final exam results debuted
Nov 05 - Results disappear mysteriously
Dec 07 - Aquaria
Dec 10 - Build models
Dec 12 - Love at first sight with Creative Zen Vision:M
Dec 21 - RM6000 drama of the year

Hmm... looking back, I guess my holiday was full of colours, light hearted moments, and dark tragedies too... hehe.

My to-do list during the holiday (konon-kononnya) which eventually didn't made it out.

  • Filling my sketch book.
  • Make thorough research of sea creatures for next sem's project
  • Catching up all last summers flicks that I've missed like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Batman Begins, Monster In Law, Dark Water, Revenge of the Sith, Bewitched, Madagascar, Herbie: Fully Loaded, ... the list goes on and on
  • Watch an IMAX movie
  • Watch King-Kong
Yes, I admit, I'm freaking lazy. What about you? Any unfulfilled plans?


ChikaDior said...

kenapa mesti sebot sketch book????

aku rasa mau berlakon kunun2 aku hilangkan buku tu... dgn sgt tragis, aku takleh sketch.., yucks!

Adian said...

eh, mane bleh. tu taktik aku tu. muahaha....

fara-D said...

hulala...MALAS ARRR NAK PACKING!!! :'(

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