Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rainy, Snowy & Bangi

After the 10-hour model-making, seems like my life has been back to it's usual "boring-ness" state. Nothing "big" to be blogged about. Been doing the same routine each and everyday. Can't wait to be back to campus and meet my friends. By the way, I spent the rainy evening earlier chatting with Qayyum, who's in Canada pursuing his study in engineering. We were in the same class during Form 3, which was the last time I met him before he moved to MRSM during Form 4. Over the months, he's been giving me lots of insights on the life of Malaysian students abroad. From money allowance, transportation, food, hostel, ramadan, aidilfitri, it's worth it to hear them first-hand. He admitted that life as a student overseas is not like what he's expected. Surviving was hard. Plus, there's only several Malaysian students sent at his university, he wished he is in IPTA. By the way, it's snowing there, (11 degrees below 0!). He sent me a pic outside his window.

Wonder how can they live in this coldness. I can't even stand 16 degree aircond!

Meanwhile, Nurul asked to see the faculty in Google Earth. I've posted it before, but all right. I'll post again. Not only the facutly, but all the major "landmarks" our gang's been before.

Engineering Faculy + tasik kejut.

Our favourite hangout spot, Ameerali.

Bazaar Ramadan


Kompleks PKNS + Bazaar Ramadan 2. (Cari folder sampai ke sini dengan tensionnye)


aiyeza said...

congrate again bout the model!!superb la..dasat+rajen giler..takpe2..pasni ley rekomen punyer!!
blaja kat oversea cam bestkan tp takot homesick

ChikaDior said...

wehhh! ni gilaaaa nih. Siap ngan amerali. Serius wat aku gelak guling2 atas katil ni. Rasa nak baling sumer bantal kat muka ko. Sambil menarik2 cadar hijau aku. AHAHAHAHAHAH.... aku pon hampir terlupa kerinduan kat amer ali. POYO ar!!! =)) pecah la perot aku/

weh, tasekku!!!! fakultiku!!!

studio? aku tgh nangis? kita mkn KFC underground??? (tp kat upper floor)

Adian said...

huhu kang klu tunjukkan, pecah plak rahsie. xpasal2 fara dpt lagi sms "membunuh" kang. wahahaha.

fara-D said...

hoho!!ameerali?? waaaah!!

Adian said...

haha. yaa ameerali. btw, dah add ameerali sbg friend anda di friendster? heheh.

ChikaDior said...

aku dah jumpa...geli aku

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