Monday, December 05, 2005

Results Gone?

The results for our final exam 2 months ago suddenly disappear after debuted yesterday. News spread rapidly by SMSs yesterday and thankfully, I've checked it last night. But for others who don't have internet access at their home and have to resort for cyber cafes today, they were in despair as the results were no longer available. Hmm... so where's the results went to? Did the website administrators accidentally 'slipped' the results earlier? Or were the results not finalized yet and had to be pulled back? The official result date given at the website is December 22nd.


fara-D said...

hakhak.... cam brite dlm majalah gossip la ko neh!! huhu...dah nama ahli genggossip kan...isk!! di tambah tolak, gara2 penghebahan ttg pengeluaran result smlm, tahap kemerengan aku makin menjadijadi....tatau la ari ni dah pulih ka blom...wakaka~!! :P

Adian said...

haha. nasib baik komputer dah ok.

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