Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Surprising 1st Day

Yesterday, while talking to the phone with Afeeq, he told me that the engineering courses in UiTM Shah Alam will only begin it's lectures after the new year. Wow, I wonder how great it will be if my lecturers are kind enough to do the same. "Hehe, maybe." I thought. Again, it's just my thought.

So what happen to "my thoughts" today? To put it short, FORGET IT!!!

Things are completely the opposite for the UKM architecture students. Instead, we have FIVE projects for this semester (yes, FIVE!), and the first one will begin.... surprise, surprise!.... TODAY! AND IMMEDIATELY!

(and with the announcement by En. Mazlan and En. Azimin, "my thoughts" went drowning straight into the drain and to tasik kejut... hehe)

And another surprise! The much-bloated-about "Pangkor trip" might as well follow my thoughts into tasik kejut, becauce our main destination will be Lumut actually, and we'll only go to Pangkor if there's extra time. (And they told us that the actual reason for the cancellation of Pulau Kapas is because the island is closed due to monsoon. Is that true? I don't care now) And by the way, we're scheduled to go for the trip on January 11th, which is about 2 weeks from now.

And back to our first project, named AN OBSERVING PLATFORM, to be constructed somewhere around tasik kejut (yes, CONSTRUCTED! not just the usual model yadda yadda). Sized at 5 feet width x 5 feet length x 10 feet high, it should be resistant for a couple of years. Aarrghh!!! We were divided into smaller groups. Guess who's in my team? Nurul! (Haha). And three other "lucky" students who get to join us are Aliff, Afiq, and Hanisa.

So, the project begins... as usual, the first thing we have to do is site analysis. We walked under the scorching sun, searching for the perfect place to construct our observation platform.

We're supposed to present the sketchings and model by Friday. So, after we managed to find the suitable location, each of us will sketch our own idea-platform and compare them tomorrow.


I was walking back to college when suddenly somebody shouted my name. It was another group (Farah, Ainul, Alias, Anuar, Guan). They were doing analysis of their site which somehow turned into a fishing event. Hahaha. Macam-macam la depa ni. So, I joined them for the next hour fishing. We managed to catch 5 fishes that evening, but we released them back to the lake, cos we didn't know what to do with them. Hmm... seems after kayaking, architecture students managed to get another past-time activity.


fara-D said...

muahaha!!!!i LOVE the new past-time activity!!!hakhak!!!!!
dan aku SUKA projek kali ni...sgt suka ketok2..potong2 dan sambong2!!!Muahaha!!!


muahaha!!!~ ^_^

Adian said...

iyola... "site analysis" ke "fish analysis", muahaha

ChikaDior said...

aku nyampah!!!! sbb aku tak de time fishing fishing....

wénkt said...

hahah... baru je nak komen cakap "better title fish analysis than site analysis.. "

hahah.. have fun gak la kan? hohoh

happy new year!

Adian said...

haha fun mmg fun. hehe.

happy new year!

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