Sunday, January 29, 2006

5 Things I've Wished...

Suddenly I remember about my list of 5 things I wish most which I made before the holiday draw it's curtain last December. In case you've forgotten, click here to check it out.

So let's see how things eventually turned up! Here we go...

1.The college had already replaced (or at least fixed) my room's door.

Yes! It's the first thing I noticed. Thank you to the management maintainance staff! You did a great job here.

2. They already got wireless broadband covering the whole college at a minimal fee (if not free).

Yes! Currently free but come February they will start to limit it to the paying subscribers only. The quality was below moderate but I hope it will improve.

3. More buses will be added and the system will be better.

Now, this one sucks! Not only they cut on the number of buses, the new buses were small too! I only got on the bus once this whole month. I completely don't have faith whatsoever to the UKM bus system, especially on the weekends. I'd rather go menebalkan muka and ask my friend to send me to the commuter station than waiting for the freakin' bus.

4. The studio will be opened 24 hours.

This one depends on Abang Zul (or 'Abang Pintu' as we called him). He's in charge of locking the studio's door at night. Though the rule states that the studio should be closed by 10pm everyday, he always purposely came late to give us extra time to work on our projects. And sometimes he didn't close the studio for the whole night!

5. We will not be camping in the jungle during our Pangkor trip.

Yes, we didn't. Thanks for that. But when the lecturers said that our accomodation's level will up a bit, he really mean a bit.


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