Sunday, January 15, 2006


Wow! It’s been a week since I last updated this blog. Feels like a month (Nevertheless, this proved that I can live with internet! I’m a survivor! muahaha). Well, it’s not that I don’t have time for it, but I didn’t have connection at all. The college has started to impose internet service for subscribers only. My account is running low right now, so maybe I have to wait for the PTPTN money to come.


Last Sunday morning, the platform base was finally put in place. Then we received the news. The final review for this project has been postponed until we return from Lumut. What?! Everybody has been working religiously days before just to make sure we got it done by Monday. And this is not the first time our lecturers play this “false alarm” game. They did it purposely to make sure we finish the project earlier, which is pretty working I see.

But despite the news, we still spent the whole Sunday at the faculty, trying to finish it. By night, we’ve completed the first layer of varnish. I think it’s 85% completed. Just waiting for the roof and shading devices, plus a couple more layer of varnish, before we could scream “It’s a wrap!”

Breakfast for energy!

The platform put in place

Amacam? Sama tak ngan model?


The boys group


Due to the 1-day-only holiday, I couldn’t return home for this year’s Aidiladha. Plus, I have to prepare for the trip the next day. I went to the Aidiladha prayer at UKM mosque. At the afternoon, my parents came and brought me nasi himpit and rendang together with torch light, which I asked for the trip.


aiyeza said...

uish...model yg berpetak2..siannye adian tak balik raya..simpati daku terhadap incik penasihat ni..memvarnish la tahap paling best!!

Adian said...

model berpetak2? maksudnye? ala, cuti pun sehari je. lgpun, bukan raya puasa, nk bertandang ke rumah sanak saudara. hehehe.

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