Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

My computer's finally behaved back to normal 2 days ago, but then the faculty's wireless broadband behaved shit. The internet connection in the computer lab seemed fine, so with a very little free time, I sneaked out and trying to catch up as much as I can.


You thought it's over. Yes, it's over. It's just that last Friday, our lecturer asked us to move our platforms out to the open space. So we did a little 'gotong royong' to move the platforms together. So happy to see my group's platform standing proudly.


We got TONS of work for our current project now. For my group, I did all the photoshop-touch up thing, so currently I spend like 3/4th of my day staring at my notebook screen everyday. Imagine. And now, without the internet. And plus, all the assignments from communication class (colour wheel, perspective drawing, bla2) and the history class (which thankfully, submitted last Monday). It's a very hectic week for us. My group went back from the faculty at 4am last night. Yes, it's that hectic. But as usual, I enjoy every moment!

Jangan tiru perbuatan ini di rumah.

Kira jumlah laptop di dalam gambar ini. Era cyber la katakan...

Guan "cilok" some letterings from DECTAR, so we pasted them on.


Despite the very 'hectic' stituation, we never forget to enjoy a lil' bit. Last Sunday, me, Farah, Alif and Ainul went shopping at Mid Valley, well actually Ainul and Farah did all the shoes-and-clothes shopping thingy, Alif and I just bought important stuff like poster colour and so on. Well, the best thing was, I finally found the Malay movie on DVD! I found it at Carrefour. Been searching all places before, after I found them sold on the Net. Guess what, I found one of my favourites, Bintang Hati! At first, Ainul was like "Is this the movie you've been searching like crazy?" with that sceptical look on her face, but after watching them yesterday, she can't stop watching it again and again and again! Actually, we're all addicted! RM20.90 I spent on it was worth every single cent. And thanks to the DVD format, you can now forget to change from side A to side B, because you can enjoy the whole movie running non-stop on a single disc. Looks like the VCD age is dying soon. I hope to see Trauma, Idola, Senario Lagi, and Puteri Gunung Ledang on DVD soon. Those are my favourites. I also found Titanic: Special Collector's Edition DVD too, but I don't know whether it's the 3 disc or 4 disc format. Plus, the RM79.90 price tag surely got me thinking several times before purchasing one. I hope to find the DVD9 version at Bukit Bintang or Imbi. Desperate Housewives Season One Boxset's been released too. The price? RM199.90. Hmm... wait until I've rich. For now, I may just settle on the RM70 DVD9 version.

"Suara tak sedap, suara mesin, mesin tebu, mesin jahit, mesin gan!" - One of our favourite quotes from Bintang Hati that we untirelessly repeat it again and again and again for the rest of the week, especially Ainul. Heheh...


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ChikaDior said...

adoi...kelakr pulak aku tgk wayar laptop berselirat tu.Membuktikan kerakusan semua org menggunakan laptop. weh...lawa gak la ARDENT tu.Memula poyo...lelama aku tgk cun gak. Chumey ja. Melambangkan manusia2 di dlm nyer... :)) wakaka

Adian said...

haha... bukan saja laptop, malah printer dan juga scanner. huhu... yezza, ARDENT tu kan berbagai2 saiz dan bentuk, samela cam org2 di dalamnya. berbagai2 karektor dan perangai, kekeke...

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