Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Educational Outing? Shopping Outing?

Salam Maal Hijrah 1427! May Allah shines all His bless and mercy to all of us this year.


For our final project, which will start next week, we're required to design a working gallery. And we're supposed to design it for an actual artist. So, earlier this morning, me, Nurul, Farah and Alif went to the Central Market (Pasar Seni), supposedly to find each of us an artist, what kind of person are them, what did they want for their gallery, and so on.

Inside the Central Market

Leader's portraits

Still in Gong Xi mood

"Adik, tak boleh ambil gambar kat sini sayang."
"Oops! sori..."

Main entrance

(Before I went to the Central Market, I dropped by Maxis Center at KLCC but I was sooo pissed off! It was closed. Looks like I have to use the Celcom's number for the time being). I met them at 11.30am, and we're strolling around the market, but it seemed like all the artists are still on vacation, except for one. We need four. And that excuse is more than enough for us to turn this "educational outing" to "touring + shopping outing". Hehehe...

First destination... MYDIN! Mydin? Ape barang Mydin? Farah wanted to buy Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta VCDs. Mydin got great prices for VCDs. And Nurul bought Eiffel I'm In Love Extended Edition. Then, we went to Reject Shop next to Mydin. I managed to grab a t-shirt, and Aliff bought a shirt.

Next stop? SOGO! So we walked across Masjid Jamek, Majid India, and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. The sun was scroching, the traffic was badly congested, and there's foreign workers (pekerja asing) EVERYWHERE!!! Yes, call me prejudice but I felt uneasy with their presence. I didn't dare to look at the tourists, honestly I was sooo embarrased with Kuala Lumpur today!

Vintage shoplots outside the CM

Petaling Street

Mydin with Maybank Tower at the back

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Farah bought new shoes at SOGO. Nurul? Tak beli ke? Haha, tak sah la camtu. She already bought a bag before we all met earlier. So, it can be considered "educational outing that turned to shopping outing" today. Hahaha...

We had lunch at Secret Recipe. Mexican chicken yang tak Mexican langsung. Tertipu! Habis RM17.50

Nurul, check ape tu?

Bazar at Jalan Masjid India.


aiyeza said...

walaweh..syoknyer jalannnnnnn..rugi tak ekot...dah la gi mkn kat secret recipe!!!len kali mesti ikot punyer!!

Adian said...

wah, pantas kamu mengkomen ek, xsempat gue bace sendiri. haha, mmg syok tadi.. tp secret recipe tlah menipuku... aaaa... ahha

fara-D said...

huh....secret recipe menipu anda ke hang yg silap baca? lalala....
hmmm...ko ada kena tegor sbb mengambil gambar ke???

Adian said...

ada, sbb tergatal2 bukak flash. muahaha... bukan senang nk jd photographer professional ni. blom jadi paparazzi tu.

ChikaDior said...

chumils jugak gambar aku mencari-cari itew.... ekekeke.... tapi aku pitam sampai skang... adodododiii

eastmail said...

ayam bangsa mexico ker 17.50?

Adian said...

campur air la, ayam tu 13 hengget kot. tp still mahal. bajet ayam import la tu. kekeke...

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