Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Handphone Tragedy

A perfect example of how a simple good day can suddenly turn very wrong.

Yesterday, Din asked me to join him to find AutoCAD books in Mid Valley, so I did. It was a usual day there, with lots of people doing their new year shopping. Thanks to the absence of the nonsense "no photo taking" rules like Suria KLCC, people took pictures like crazy at the christmas-themed-backdrop main square.

Din bought a RM70 AutoCAD book. I ALMOST BOUGHT a RM69.90 "Lost: Official Companion" book before realizing that I can buy Desperate Housewives DVD Boxset with the same amount. So I quickly pout it back before reaching the counter. Hehe.

Extremely long queue at the ATM. No money no shopping!

Then we proceed to the food court and I had a tasteless "chicken stew". Another RM5.50 wasted.

View of the main square from top.

After that we went to surau (which was hot like sauna yesterday), bought my newest favourite Rotiboy, and Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta Vol. 6 VCD which Farah asked for. We return to UKM at 9pm and arrived at 10pm. From the commuter station, we went back to college by motorcycle.


I arrived at my room, only to realize that my phone has gone missing from my pocket! The last time I saw it was at the UKM commuter station so no way it's been robbed or left inside the commuter. So I insisted him to search for it along the route back, BUT TO NO AVAIL. I felt hopeless. All my friend's number were in the phone. I lost my way. Then I asked my friend to call the number. Someone picked it up...

"Hello. Where is this?"
"This is my phone. Where it is?"
"I know it's your phone. Your phone has broken. Only the SIM card survived"

I was like "WHAT?!" Holy crap.

"You can picked it at Pusanika"

Then again, we rode to Pusanika. AAAAHHH, the phone totally USELESS now! The LCD has broken, the antenna was missing and the outer body has scrathes all over it. The guy said he found it in front of Science & Technology Faculty. Must been dropped out of my pocket. I stared at it in disbelief. The was no way it can be fixed, as my dad bought it overseas. I guess it will be cheaper to buy the new one instead. Oh my dearest God, please. I can't bear it. First, the notebook broken. Now, the handphone. Next? What? My digicam? My mp3 player?

To my now dysfunctional handphone, may you rest in peace.

I now live without my handphone. A life I couldn't imagine before.


fara-D said...

yeah....dan utk mentragiskan lagi...i'v LOST UR SIMCARD!!!
isk....nnt kte g replace simcard tuh ek....huhu!! :'(
"skali lagi maaaaaafkan laaaaahhhh..."

Adian said...

biar aku sambung...

"ku taaakkk bisaaaa..."
"cinta kau dan diaaaaaaaaa"

har har har.

wénkt said...

adeii.. tumpang sedih...

benda ni datang dan kembali. jgn sedih sgt

ada hikmah tu

Adian said...

harap2la.. heheh.

aiyeza said...

adian2,tau tak,kite dah gelakkan tuk satu hari awk sebab awk ilang henpon,tu la mu show off nak gi midvalley hari tuh,then tibe2 esoknye my hp lak "hilang" dari pandangan,kelam-kabot carik,tibe2 teringat lak sbb gelakkan hp mu ilang,cam blasan lak.nasib la hp tuh wujud lagik,kalo tak mau nangis 23 hari 23malam..

Adian said...

wahh sampai ati gelakkan kite!!! waaa... haha, tu la, tuhan kasi warning sket. hehe.

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