Saturday, January 07, 2006

Here It Comes!

Hoho, I am right outside my studio at this very moment, with my group constructing the observation platform. After placing our orders earlier morning yesterday, the woods arrived somewhere at 3pm.

Here it comes...

The worker got the wood out from the lorry

Inspecting the woods

Other groups

We start measuring our wood...

... while other groups measuring theirs too

Then the real construction began. Everybody, majority of them the first-timer builder, went so excited and can't wait to get their hands on the wood. We have exactly 3 DAYS to complete the construction - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The presentation will be on Monday, Aidiladha break on Tuesday, and the Lumut trip on Wednesday. See? How hectic our schedules are! When all other students are beginning to get back home, for us the architecture students, up to this point, we still don't know whether we'll be home for Aidiladha. Whoa! Maybe for next year, we won't be able to go back home for Aidilfitri too! Wah, ni dah kalah study oversea!

Pictures speak louder than words, so I'll just flood this entry with loads of it.

The very first saw

Afeeq proved that Palapes training was worth it

Bukan makan best je terangkat, Farah gergaji pun terangkat gak! (FARAH: Truly sorry, but this pic was too irresistable to left out)

My group

Mek Ti's group

Chee Yang & Ceeda

The twins' group

Carrying extra wood from Za'ba

Our platform plan

Farah and Nurul preparing...

Farah starts to smoothen the wood

While Nurul saws (ye la tu, wahaha)

Afeeq making 'tanggam'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Pabila Farah bertukang

Standing up the wall

Adding the shading devices

The twins' group

The almost-all boys group

The twins' group try to stand up their platform

Mek Ti's group

My ever happening group

Studio yang lengang...

Transfering the elements to the porch

This definitely ain't a jigsaw puzzle

Adding the roof

Tadaa! (but not completed yet)

Wow! with an astounding 40 photos, this entry is longer than the Aquaria one. But hold on, there's a lot more to come, as we're still in the constructing phase. Stay tune!


as3 said...

baguih!!! aku sgt ske bab2 keje2 kayu neh..nyeh2.. da nak ke lumut eh rabu ni?? slamat berstadi trip.. nyeh2..

p/s: komen kene appruv dulu eh?? nyeh2/

Adian said...

heheh.. atas sebab2 tertentu komen terpaksa disemak terlebih dahulu sehingga masa yg akan ditetapkan kelak. muahaha.

ChikaDior said...

woho... gila nih. 40 gambaq dok bubuh! mmg ja hyper

aiyeza said...

pergh,gamba cam celebrity cap buruh binaan yang berstylo-mylo,syabas kepada anda sume!paling ku tak sangka,akhirnya cik chika ayu memegang gergaji oren!uish,tak sangka giler la,igt die takkan pegang bende2 cam tuh!!

Adian said...

haha, tu blom tengok lagi video cik chika menggergaji. baru start dah tragedi "oh my god!" haha.

ChikaDior said...

huwaaa... ko jgn jatohkan martabat aku adian! aku hebat la! setakat gergaji-gergaji ni... ujung jari beb! ihihihik

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