Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pin Up, Presentation & Mid Valley. Again.

I'm back home right now for Chinese New Year holiday. Feel sooo freakin' good to be able to use torrent again, which was blocked by the damn faculty's wireless. Am downloading 2 episodes of Lost which I missed and also Transamerica. I'll be back to UKM by Wednesday, 1 day earlier than others, to help preparing banners for the upcoming Festival Seni Bina (FEST'SENA 06), which I'm in the Publicity Division, with Nurul (again), Alif (again), Sarah, Lay Ming and Fatmi. (Nurul, jangan buat-buat lupa pulak!)



Last Friday started off with our apparatus pin-up session, which I prepared in like 20 minutes. Thank God En. Mazlan and En. Azimin didn't bullshit my idea. Hehe.. Just have to polish up things a bit.

One of the twins, Ya was the first one to be crit.

Chee Way's turn - right before mine!

Then, we present our group task - the Lumut assignments that we spent many tiring nights finishing it. If you remember, my group task is the 'Township and Waterfront Development'. We also presented our respective group's site analysis.

Posing sat sebelum present. Heheh... (Shakila: Suara tak sedap, ada hati nak pose)

Alif's representing our Emotional group

Faeez's representing Vocational group

And Lay Ming's representing Traditional group.

Another group (Mek Ti's group), dubbed Professional by us, has already presented theirs earlier on the week.

After the busy morning, everybody started to leave the studio to return to their beloved hometown. Yeah rite. Me? Noo... Instead, me, Farah, Mek Ti and Anuar went to Mid Valley. Yes, again. Second time for the second consecutive week for me and Farah. Last week we went there with Ainul and Alif.


We planned to catch a movie initially, but due to the less than interesting movies (although Buli Balik opens that day), we just strolling around. I went to the Maxis center, in hope to replace my sim card, but the network was freakin' down. Shit!

At the food court.

Farah and Anuar tried on the teppayanki (how's it spelled?)

After Ainul and Farah shopping sakan the week before, now it's my time! Although not soo sakan, because of the slimming wallet, I managed to grab a pants and a new wallet to replace my dying 3 year old's.

We took the last commuter that night, somewhere at 11.30pm. With extremely packed people, suddenly it stopped just before reaching Serdang station. We were wondering just what the hell happened? Then the voice system sounded "Kami terpaksa berhenti sebentar untuk memberi laluan kepada stesen Serdang" or something like that. Okay, like I know what that supposed to mean. Yeah, whatever. And we wait for 15 minutes! The commuter finally moving and guess what? After reaching the Serdang station, it stopped again! For another 15 minutes! What shit was that? So we eventually reached UKM station at 12.30am.


ChikaDior said...

suara tak sedap... ada hati nak g mid tanpa akuh!!!!


cuti kali ni tak tenang la. Asyik pk apparatus ngan site model. Hampessss btollaaa

Adian said...

balik awal, ada hati nak komplen!!!

haha, memang xtenang gak la. aku kene siapkan majalah za'ba plak tuh. dah la kene balik awal sehari!

fara-D said...

it spells t.e.p.p.a.n.y.a.k.i la dear...
waaa....lama ya kamu tiba kat ukm!! aku tiba kat ukm mengambil barang pon dah ala2 kol 1.30am...
and guess wat...smlm pon aku g mid lagik!!muahaha!!!

ChikaDior said...

smlm ko g mid farah??? so btollah astri msj aku... dia kata cam ternampak ko kat mid. Miahaha... aku kata bukan sbb ko baru pegi mid ari jumaat aritu. cisss

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