Friday, January 06, 2006


Phew! Where's everybody? I arrived this morning at 8.30 and there's only a few of them here. Whatever... So that means spare time! And I take this opportunity to blog and recapture the past 2 days.


Yes, it's all about the project now. (Do you know how much percentage this first project will represent overall at the end? 10 percent. Yes, only 10 percent) But even if it was 5 percent, that wouldn't give us excuse to put our feet high.

For the past 2 days, our group has lived in "high-tech" world. Notebooks, printer and scanner were everywhere. Everybody was busy drawing, colouring, making models. For me, I can say 75% of my past 48 hours was filled with scanning and photoshopping. Yes. Photoshop is NOT an easy thing to do. It was time consuming and menjerihkan. Thankfully I enjoy it, and the satisfaction of seeing the end product is worth it.

Site analysis on photoshop

Gugur di medan pertempuran

Berjalan pulang dalam kegelapan malam... hehe

2 days ago, we went back to college at 4.40am. Last night at 2.20am. And some of us even slept briefly outside the studio. Yes, it's that tiring. But luckily I didn't fall asleep, because my group will take photos of anybody's sleeping. Muahaha.

Andding "insult to injury", yesterday En Azimin gave us new assignments! Yay! Like this isn't killing enough. And everytime a new assignment is given, it means more money too. So the moral of the story: Don't try architecture if you want to enjoy your PTPTN/JPA scholarship.


wénkt said...

gugur di medan pertempuran..


ChikaDior said...

itew kuak lentang!

aiyeza said...

fuyoooo,byk giler keje,mmg cam buroh,tak sangka gue!

Adian said...

ya, memang sangat penat. penat bergambar!! haha

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