Sunday, January 15, 2006

We've Rocked Lumut!

Here it comes! The much anticipated trip of the semester kicked off last Wednesday. We boarded a bus (last semester we used two of them) which took off at 9pm (Afeeq Palapes was the latest to arrive!)

Walking to the bus

Waiting to be on board. haha

Wajah-wajah dalam keterujaan

We stopped at Rawang's R&R for breakfast. Already cost me RM13 for the sweets and prickles. By then I could foresee that this trip will burn a hole in my pocket. PTPTN still hasn't show itself in our account.

The journey took about 5 hours. Along the mile, we were "entertained" with Aeon Flux and Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2. Both sucks!

Across a bridge. There's quite a number of bridges along the way.

Paddy field.


We arrived during Zohor. Right after that, the lecturers begun briefing us for the first activity. We were divided into group of 4 (the platform group), and my group was assigned to find about the "Township and Waterfront Development". So we were wondering around the town and the waterfront "researching". Of course by that, I mean "non-stop kodak moment".


After we finished doing the "research", at about 5pm, we returned to the bus and headed to our chalet. Fingers crossed, all of us kept wondering how will it be this time after the horrible tent at Port Dickson. It took about half an hour from Lumut town to the chalet.

(suspense music plays)

The chalet looked like what we usually watch in TV3's Bersamamu. Yes, I'm not exaggerate things. The rooms weren't standardised. One got mattress, the other got mirror, while another got carpet. My room was even unsuitable for sleeping because the floor was sticky so I had to resort for Faeez's. But amid all that, we're still happy, cause we got each other. You can throw us anywhere, but as long as we have one another, everything's fine. Hehe.

Watching sunset at the beach while listening to my MP3 player feels like heaven

We spent the lovely evening at the beach, and again, like in Port Dickson, I didn't touch the water because I've had enough sea and beaches in my life. That night, En. Azimin gave us lectures about "sea creatures and sea phenomenal scanning" for our next project. After that, while majority of us went to sleep, some of us sang our heart off until 4am (Yes, despite the Bersamamu like chalet, it has karaoke!)

DAY 2...

We woke up the next day, and after had our breakfast, we headed back to Lumut. There, each group was assigned a site for their final project, "Working Gallery". Mine got a site in between the shoplots. So, we spent the morning doing site analysis, measuring lengths and all that stuff.

We're getting briefed

Our site

Farah risking her life measuring the road's width

Rojak sat!

Lunch time!

That evening, some of us went to Pangkor, which unfortunately not all were able to go, as the boats not enough.

That night, some of us went fishing with En. Azimin, some of us went strolling along the beach, some of us watching VCD and karaoke-ing, and I was sooo tired. I went to sleep at 1am.


We all woke up that morning with a kinda sad emotion, cause it will be our last day there.

Before heading back to UKM, we spent the afternoon at Lumut again, this time totally for shopping!

Farah was busy choosing what to buy

We took off from Lumut at noon, stopped by at Tapah's R&R and reached UKM at 6pm.

At Tapah's R&R - The most coziest R&R ever!

Arrived at college.


Overall, this trip is nowhere to be forgotten in years to come. Thanks to all my practicum mates, expecially my happening group, you've made it remarkable. We've rocked Lumut!!!

p/s: 48 photos make this entry the longest ever. Again.


ChikaDior said...

yeah.... entry ko sgt complete dgn gambar2... macam cerita dlm gambar. Nice very nice!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, lumut rox!

Adian said...

yeah! baru lumut dah 48 keping. kalu g australia agaknya mau 156 keping. hahaha.

fara-D said...

wahlala....btol2...we've rocked Lumut!!!
aku suke btol ayat ko...."...we're still happy, cause we got each other. You can throw us anywhere, but as long as we have one another, everything's fine" wahlala!!mmg benar tuh!!!ho yeah!!~

aiyeza said...

adian ada bakat jadik penglipur lara bergambar!tahniah2,syok tuh tgk banyak gambar..pastu time nak boarding tuh ala2 kat oversea la pulak(cantik gak ukm nih pagi2)..muahaha,korang memang sangat bagus dalam frenship!!and the pondok sangat cool sbb tepi pantai!!memang survivor giler..da la masuk ke dalam..tak sangke2

Adian said...

haha ade bakat wat buku cerita bergambar utk kanak2 x pasni? huhu

aiyeza said...

ada2 adian..pasni wat story book..ley beli nanti..

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