Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Short Holiday!

I'm right here at home now, after driving from UKM (with Shiken, Muhaini and Noraini who stay at Shiken's place for this short mid sem holiday). Quickly downloading Anugerah Juara Lagu 20 which I missed last week. So, what happened for the last 4 days?


This freaking thing seems very hard to let me go. After being stucked at the very bottom of my mind, I slowly recovered and starting to put things slowly. And the result after all the hardships? Tara...

This is when it's exposed to natural light

And this is when it's in the dark and have it's own light on

(Almost) everybody's working hard and fast to get their apparatus done, to enable them to get back to their hometown as soon as possible for the short mid semester break. I'll be back to UKM on Thursday morning, to get the FEST' SENA III banners hung up.

Some of the finished apparatus on display, ready to be judged and marked this Monday

So, what's in plan for the break?

1. MUST - Replace Maxis sim card. DONE!
2. MUST - Collect MyKad DONE!
3. MUST - Download new episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives DONE!
4. HIGH PRIORITY - Titanic: Special Collector's Edition DVD

And I'm thinking to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical at Istana Budaya. But still not very sure about that.


ChikaDior said...

wowww... nampak happening plak bilek semina tu.Macam prelude Fest'Sena. HAhahaha.... eh, lawa la ko punya. Nampak giler rhythm and kelembutannya. mari bercuti dan masok sekolah balek ngan projek final yg bisa buat kepal semua orang weng weng wong!

Adian said...

ye ke? wahaha, itu katamu. blom tentu ditulis oleh encik2 lecturer kita di dalam kertas penilaian mereka. tah2 kene bs ngan en azimin. miahaha

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