Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Missions Accomplished

Yeay! My 2 biggest missions for this holiday has been accomplished today! Phew! What a relief.

(Forgot to charge my digicam. So, no pictures today. Sorry!)


I drove to Selayang's JPN to collect my MyKad at 3pm. It was pretty empty there, unlike when I applied last November, where it was packed like Ayam Brand. The process was fast too, I only spent about 15 minutes.

MyKad fee: FREE
Parking: RM2


Then I went straight to Terminal Putra and catch a train to KLCC. Thank God I was fast enough, once the train took off, the rain just started pouring heavily. I went to the Maxis Center and once again, the replacement process went smoothly. So, I'm back using Maxis 012 guys!

Hotlink Sim Card Replacement: FREE
Parking: RM2
LRT-Putra: RM4.20 (return ticket)
Rotiboy (hmm sedap, ajoi yang buat. wahaha*): RM3
Top-up: RM10

*Quoted from Bintang Hati. There's no Ajoi whatsoever working in KLCC's Rotiboy.


Got tagged by Nurul La Chika. In conjunction with the Valentine's Day, I guess. Hmm... kinda cliche topic, plus I'm not in the lovey-dovey mood currently. But anyway, I'll try my best.

  1. Religious
  2. Waargh, ni tiru Nurul ni! Haha, but seriously, I find this to be extremely important, especially in today's scary world where more and more girls are turning into b*tches. Xcaye? Baca Mastika. Waa! Selamatkan anak gadis kita! Plus, a pious partner hopefully will help me guide myself ke jalan yang diredhaiNya (Sbb saya ni gile2 sket!) and later be the perfect man of the family.(Haha, tapi masa itu jauh lagi. Teramat jauh!)

  3. Happy go lucky
  4. Being religious doesn't mean you have to be shy shy tiger, right? She has to be as crazy as me. She must laugh when I make jokes, and bonus point if she's able to make better jokes than me!

  5. Pandai menjaga hati
  6. Haha, I don't know the English word for that! But seriously, not many people around me have this kind of quality. It feels like such a loser when you try your best to laugh when a friend make a completely "what's the point?" joke, but when you make one, they laughed you off and say that it was ridiculous. Makan dalam adalah sangat menyakitkan.

  7. Not being a queen control
  8. I hate to be dominated. Nor I'm a dominator. We live for each other. Pernah belajar simbiosis tak? Have you noticed when you go to shopping malls, sometimes there are guys who hold their girlfriend's handbag when they went shopping together. Patah ke tangan gf, xboleh pegang sendiri? That was NOT gentleman. That was jerk. Lama2 couple naik kepala nanti. Ego kena jaga, beb!

  9. Presentable
  10. Just who on earth doesn't want their partner to be an eye candy? She might not have a model look, but that doesn't mean she have to be unpleaseant, right?

  11. Understanding
  12. Sometimes I can be very funny, sometimes I can be very stressed out and cold. She has to be smart enough to detect my current mode, and be smart enough to handle both of them.

  13. Respect
  14. Being a lover doesn't mean you own your partner 24-7. Sometimes you just need to be alone. We have our own commitment. Especially my course which requires 20 hour commitment a day. Jangan tak SMS separuh hari je, nak merajuk.

  15. Be my friend
  16. And last but certainly not least, I am a lot more comfortable to be lover acting like friends, NOT acting like husband-wife. Please be cool and sporting, jangan nak cemburu tak tentu hala. If you're looking for Yusof Haslam movies type of lover, sorry.
Habis 2 jam wat benda alah ni. Kalau wat assignment History, dah siap pun. Haha.


ChikaDior said...

ko dah buat aku gelak guling2 atas katil ni.Naik roboh katil aku. Naper mesti tulis.. roti boy (mm..sedap...ajoi yg buat)... NAPER??? MIAHAHAHAH WAWAKAKAKAK..... gila ar! saket perot aku. Sbb aku terkejut dan tak menyangkan dlm keseriusan ko bercerita ttg mykad dan sim card, ko leh selitkan lawak doposen nih.

adoiiiii...but thanks sbb menjawap soklan pekser. ekeke...

huh?history?eseman? ada ker?

fara-D said...

kalau wat esemen history?? hoho...
kalau??? lalala....jgn kalau2 je....wat ke idak?? tu

Adian said...

haha, biasela. filem rasmi studio utk sem ni. kenela selit2 skali skale. muahah...

ala, fara... tau la dah siap! saje perli2 aku plak. huhu

fara-D said...

koghak hang dah siap....kalo yg dah siap tu mungkin enul
aku? tajuk esemen pon aku tak hengat....gila la...

Adian said...

xingat? ok kanak2, assignment kita bertajuk evolusi rekabentuk dari arts&craft, art nouveau hingga recession. Terima kasih. hehe. buat tau, bg aku copy. lalala...

ChikaDior said...

mekasih cekgu.....

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