Thursday, February 23, 2006

Prelude Fest' Sena

Fest' Sena will be officially launched by the Vice Chancellor tomorrow (Friday) and the exhibitions already started yesterday, amidst all the drama (which I won't spill anything here, cause we all wanted to forget the whole thing and turn over a new leaf)

On Tuesday, we brought our platforms inside the foyer. Trust me, it's truly solid and truly heaving.

And earlier this afternoon, we brought our just-completed Lumut town model (actually it's not yet completed, but we're sooo eager to let it out in the public).

Meanwhile, seniors also put their works on display.


wénkt said...

dem best giler nampak korang blajar!!

Adian said...

haha. tq. mmg best pun. ENJOY!!!

ChikaDior said...

kami mmg best manjang. time nangis pon kami maseh rasa best.... time hati remok redam pon...kami still nak rasa best.Sbb we born to enjoy and devil'ing others... AHAHAHHA

fara-D said...

haha best best!!*gelak jahat sorg yg jahat*
aku jahat kan?!!

Adian said...

jahat... jahat... huhu

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