Monday, February 20, 2006

Site Model Part 2

Okay. Let's see what we've done in HOW TO MAKE A GIANT SIZED SITE MODEL - Part 2

8. Inarguably the most time consuming but definitely the most fun - and what we've been waiting for - MAKING THE MODELS!!!

The shoplots

The hotels

Me and Nurul made this post office

Among the first models to be put into place

To make up for what I lost during the early development stage, and so that others would not question my contribution, I forced Guan to join me build the multi-storey car park. That alone took about 5 hours to complete. And that night, we all return to college at 6.30AM, new record for this semester.

And this is the current look at our site model. I would say we've reached 75%. Watch out for the next edition!

And thanks to you guys for making this sooo fun!


Yesterday, we in the publicity AJK went hanging the banners and buntings for the upcoming FEST'SENA III this weekend.

Can't wait for the FEST'SENA. Huhu...


as3 said...

pergh..sangat hebat site model ini.. comels// eerhkerhker.. aku doakan korang berjaye la!! banzaiiii.. nyeh2.. nanti bleh la buatkan rumah aku.. eh.. ade lagi ke tanah nak buat rumah.. muehehehehehe..

ChikaDior said...

yeah...can't wait for the fest'sena! can't wait....! juz look n see

Adian said...

hehe... adakah festsena juga dipenuhi drama nanti? nantikan... wahaha

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