Friday, March 24, 2006

2 Weeks!


2 weeks of no updates!!! What on earth has happened to me!!! But hell, it wasn't my mistake! Blame me not, blame this freakin' wireless. It was continuously down and down and down, day after day. Just recently, it's been in the "kejap ade kejap xde" mode, and everytime I got connected, I used it as fast as I could dengan rakusnya to check my email, news and so on, because you'll never know how long it would last. And I wasn't home this three weeks, so I can't give updates from home. So here's the recent happenings.


Three weeks ago, my group of Farah, Nurul, Ainul and Anuar went to Menara Celcom to research for our Building Services assignment. We were taken to some of the most important parts in the building. Bukan calang-calang boleh masuk! Thanks to Anuar's brother who's an engineer there.


Two weeks ago we had our mid crit, or in other word, mid bashing session. Our lecturers were so freakin' hard to be pleased. But at least I wasn't alon. Almost all others got pretty same thing. Read Nurul's entry for proof. Heheh. My non-sleeping work the night before was trashed and my entire design had to be redone, and I did. And for the final crit a week ago, my design seemed to be greenlighted. But you can never be sure. Our lecturers was sooo unpredictable. At any given day they can give your design an "OK" (they will NEVER do more than that!), and tomorrow they can completely despise it. I saw it happened to a lot of friends before. So, the golden tip is: Once they give you an OK, never show them again! Just proceed to final presentation cos' they got bored so quickly.


In the meantime, the annual architectural workshop will be held during the semester break, this year at UTM Skudai, Johor. I was in the technical department of our delegation committee. Practically there's a whole lot of things to be put in order right now, and we're all excited about this but we try hard not to focus on it right now, at least not before we're done with our final crit and final exam.

Last Sunday I went to Mines with Afeeq to catch a movie. With so few choices, we ended up with Final Destination 3 although the pirated VCD has been playing over and over again at my studio (luckily I didn't watch it). The story was OK, with the deaths were horrifying as ever. But the leading heroine, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead truly caught me. She was soo beautiful. I always love brunettes more than blondes.

While waiting for the showtime, we went through the IT centre, and I finally got my hands on one of my wishlist - TITANIC Special Collector's Edition 3 DVD set. OH MY GOD!!! I gave it 5 stars for it's picture and sound quality and a huge chunk of fantastic extras.


You can't tell the difference between 3pm and 3am at our studio nowadays, because there was never a single second in which our studio was left empty. Every single moment is work and work and mamak and movies and work some more and ghost stories and sleep for an hour and work again.

My desk


wénkt said...

alahai, stakat celcom + TMtouch tu Tan Sri Tajudin yang pegang dulu, wan boleh bebas kluar masuk bangunan tu.. tapi mmg la, bukan calang2 orang boleh masuk

aiyeza said...

wawawawa...tepok tangan untuk kamu2 semua..

ChikaDior said...

kita pon bebas kuar masok... tapi kat semua bilik letrik dia.... miahahahha... bila masa lak ko hapde nih? ada plak ke masa???dgn tenet studio yg hidop segan mati tak mo tu!

Adian said...

Wenkt Ala, wan tu Seri Perdana pun die bole masuk sesuka hati. hahaha...

Nurul Haha, hidup segan mati xmau pun, kalu digunakan dengan efisien dan time management yg bagus, berguna gak wireless ni.

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