Monday, March 27, 2006

Different Nights, Different Stories

The ice-cold temperature in this computer lab didn't stop me from typing another entry today.


My college annual dinner was held last Thursday at DECTAR. (Info: Every college in UKM will hold a dinner at DECTAR where there will be speeches from Pengetua and a guest VIP, and also prize giving ceremony for excellent students). Dato' Seri Mohd Khir Toyo (who happens to be our Pengetua's long time friend) was invited. To make the story short, I'll just give the ratings (over *****)

FOOD: ***1/2

The performances S.U.X!!! Apart from the low-quality sound of "Zapin Usik Mengusik", all other songs that were performed that night were Siti's songs. WTF? (I'm a fan of Siti, but since when did she became our college ambassador?). The graphic presentations were truly, amateurishly, BS (if you know what that means), and the MC (for the second segment) was tah ape2.

And for the good side of that night, me, Farah, Nurul, Mek Ti, Guan and Alias (all of whom are architecture students) shared the same table, left another 4 seats vacant (each table consisted of 10 seats) so that means, we got extra food. (The food was kinda good. Macam kenduri kahwin la). And because we all know each other (not some stranger seating next to you), the dullness of the night was covered with our laughs and chat. Hahaha. And to top it all, the college magazine I designed for like half a year ago, was finally published, and the copies were given to every table (but not our table! how could they!). And a copy was given to Mohd. Khir too! Haha...

Nurul with her RM300 dress set. Mak datuk!!!

Guan suka oren ke?


I was working on my drawing last Saturday, when Farah came to me suddenly and asked for a paper. Then she wrote:

"nak g putrajaya x?"

me: ha? bile?
farah: sekarang la
me: ha? ok, sape lagi yang pegi?
farah: ainul, a'ai, kembar, ceeda, mekti.
me: hehe, ok!

Then shafiz joined us at our 11pm trip to Putrajaya. Although I'm a KL native, this is just my second/third time to Putrajaya. My family went there quite a few times, but I was more interested in shopping malls. Haha! The scenery was magnificient! With the lights and all, it was like in the picture! We spent 1 and a half hours there before heading to Bangi's mamak to have our supper. (bajet mak salleh la nak supper supper! hehe)

Jambatan Seri Wawasan

Palace of Justice at the back.


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