Saturday, March 04, 2006


A full week has passed since my last update here. Waaa, quite a record there!!! It's been a very busy week for me (as usual), but the MAIN CULPRIT this time was the faculty's wireless connection, which went off from Fest'Sena until Thursday. Even last night (Friday), it was still kinda bengong-bengong. Haha

Okay, time for the updates... here we come.


If I'm a menonton dari jauh outsider or a tak masuk campur participant, I'm gonna call it pretty successful. But being inside the "elite" circle, (haha) yang kononnya masuk campur, the neverending behind the scenes drama kinda overshadowed the whole event. But for now, let's relive the good memories...


All of us did the preparation since the night before, including the stages, decorations, exhibitions and so on. The Deputy Vice Chancellor arrived at 3pm and officiated the opening of the program.

Preparing the apparatus

Last minute stage touch-ups

Exhibitions by seniors

Deputy Vice Chancellor cutting the ribbon

En. Azimin did all the talking and explaining about the apparatus to the DVC and the faculty's Dean.

Yes, that's our Lumut site model. Bangga tu! Haha.

Among the VIPs and lecturers present

Platform. Ha, duduk! Jangan tak duduk!

Exhibitions by 2nd and 3rd year students

Later that day, students from Kolej MARA Kulim in their trip to UKM (I think) also came to visit the exhibitions.

That night, the TRUE FEST'SENA for us started. We were divided into 10 groups, named after the animals. I got myself into "Cat", but at first we couldn't reveal our respective group, until we were blinfolded and had to make the animal's sound and eventually find others who were in the same group. But of course I cheated! Haha...

From the first year, Shah, Ceeda, Aisyah and Alias were in my group. Next we have to create the group's logo, flag, motto, and cheer.

From the nice cat motive, Bro. Hanif from 2nd year turned it into some kind of abstract art piece. Huhu... Our motto? "Tangkas Tapi Mesra". Poyo tak?

Group presentation.


We were so excited for the treasure hunt! It was damn tiring but freaking F.U.N!!!!! Teruja gila la! Actually, my group was the first to arrive at the finishing point, but because of the difference in departure time, we got 3rd or 4th place. The prize only for 1st ad 2nd. Sigh... huhu.

Streching session first. Kang kejang plak.

Solving the clues.

Then comes the next activity, which was straw creativity. Each group was given an egg, with a bunch of straws, and we have to use our creativity to protect the egg from broken when it fell.

Now come the testing part.

YES! we (together with 4 other groups) passed through the first test. Next, higher testing!!!

Dup dup... dup dup...

YES!! we passed again, with the frog group (if I'm not mistaken). The ultimatum third test (which is 2 storey high), and YUUHUUU.... first win for us!


That night, performance night. Because of the lack of group members, our group was merged with the tiger group to prepare for the performance, themed "resurrection". (A DRAMA HERE - sorry but I can't spill it. Bahyer!!!) But nevertheless, we won 2nd place! Another win for Meow! And Abang Syafik was excellent as the MC that night. Agree?


In this task, we were each eassigned to a person, to which we had to build a shelter to accomodate the respective person's needs. We got "pilot", so we build a cockpit-shaped shelter. (Bab model yang sungguh bodoh terpaksa dicencored)

Later that night, the award night! Haha, got so excited. Tak heran pun kat Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian which ran at the same time. Hehe.. Ainul won for Leadership Award and Anuar for Hygienic Award! Congrats! I got nominated in Unexpected Award (hmm.. apa yang unexpected tu ek?), Farah in Diplomatic Award, Guan in Panic Award. Mek Ti,Ceeda, Zaid, Chee Way, Koon Tong, Lay Ming, the twins Muhaini and Noraini, Chee Yang and Hafiz also got nominated. (BIG BIG DRAMA HAPPENED HERE - Nurul, I hope you'll tell it in ur blog)

Our hamper for the straw creativity.


Basically it's just the closing ceremony and the same exhibitions. The program was officially closed by the Deputy Dean.

Overall, above all the hitches and glitches here and there, I quite liked this FEST'SENA. And on next year, we as the second year will organize it, and I hope we'll improve.


Right after the closing ceremony, me, Nurul, Farah, Ainul, Mek Ti, Guan and Anuar went to the National Art Gallery at Tasik Titiwangsa to do some research about our chosen artist for the working + living gallery project.

Haha, kantoi tido. Penat FEST'SENA tak abis lagi la tu..


fara-D said... itik la yg dpt 2nd place....kan ke hoay san beriya2 bersorak ari tuh....ko neh....

hidup penoh drama.......................

Adian said...

o ye ke.. ala hoay san tu sumepun die jerit. haha...

"hidup penuh pementasan dan drama, ada berisi, ada yang kurus, ada melencong, ada yang lurus, bukan semuanya tulus..."

ChikaDior said...

fest sena 2006 = kontroversi!

tapi siyes...sgt best arrr

aiyeza said...

fuyo adian..rupenye dulu nak jd hip hop ek?..bagos2,letak lagik gambar banyak2..walaupon takgi fest sena,aku tetap tau sume citer..miaghahahah

fara-D said...

ohoh....baru aku trigt.....
weh....ko lupe la nak letak kerjaya babe yg baru...."sorg pem-fotostat berjaya"...

Adian said...

aiza hip hop mendenye plak ni? gue x pahamin.

fara haha... beb, beb..

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