Sunday, April 16, 2006

Final Review

Seriously I don't know how to start this time because of the long absence of new updates. The final review has finally over, (yay!!) and that means 60% of our load has been de-loaded. But the final exam is still waiting us, plus a few assignments more, so there's still works to do.

So this is my model for the working+living gallery project.

Tadaa! And here's my presentation for the final review.

And again, our small studio turned into a gallery of it's own, filled with our presentation.

For last semester final review, click here.

Lack of free time to constantly update this blog resulting in tonnes of stories and dramas left out to make way for the more "important" ones (like the final review). I can barely feel the connection between me and my blog now. This blog is not as personal as it used to be.


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