Friday, April 21, 2006

Last Assignment

When others are busy preparing themselves for the exam, we still got assignments! Yesterday we submitted our very last (I hope) group project - the relief model. In this assignment, (read in Explorace tone, as the host read out the task), each group was given a building. Then, we have to recreate the facade (the exterior front) of the building in 3dimensional form on a piece of board.

This is our group's assigned building, the Taiping Wet Market. An old building. Pre-war if I'm not mistaken.

And after two days and nights of hardwork (kinda :), tadaa!!!

And damn, we're proud of it!


fara-D said...

uhuk....saya bangga menjadi anak malaysia!!!
hehehe...yah yah....fasad yg mantap!!! kite mmg bes!!!

Adian said...

o yeah

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