Sunday, April 30, 2006

Updates, AIM and Birthday

Sorry for no updates though I've been home for 3 days. Hehe. Will be back at tomorrow morning, so I thought better update now, as everyone knows how suck the faculty's wireless connection is. OK, lets move on to the updates.

Final Exam - 1st Half Analysis
Haha, u thought only football matches got 1st half/2nd half analysis ka? Actually, there's a pretty long gap between my papers. (Last Tuesday + Wednesday) and (Upcoming Tuesday + Wednesday), so how did it went for the 1st half?

Hmm... for the Environmental Science & Building Services paper on Tuesday, everyone wanted to kill our lecturer En. Ismar for lying ("tricking" might be softer word for he's our lecturer, but really, he did lie!!) about us on what would be coming out on the paper. He told us the day before the exam that majority of what we've learned this semester will come out. We asked about this topic, he said "tu ada sikit", we asked about another topic, he said "tu pun ada keluar sikit", it seems like everything will come out. And we all read and memorized (although initially we already "spotted" some topics and left some) like idiot that night. But come the real paper, we all shocked as hell, as there's only a bite of what he said will be asked.

And for the Architectural Mathematics paper, as you might or might not know, I suck big time at math since the introduction of additional maths during form 4. But I still love modern maths (yela, sbb senang. haha). The only reason I struggle for maths at the matriculation is for getting this course. And I did. And I'm thankful for that. So when I met this thing again, I totally ignored it. Nak dekat exam baru yo-yo bace. So basically I can forget about getting A (or B) for this paper this time, just hoping that I will pass it so that I would not have to repeat it next semester. And there will be no more math for my course! (only 1st year)

Unplanned Return

For the 5-day break until next paper, I thought I would spend it at my room, or studio, revising (ye la tuu...). But a phone call from my mom changed all that. She successfully convinced me to return home (with seducing words like "internet", "tv" and "free food") so I messaged Farah, who was going home that night, and asked her to take me to the nearest PUTRA station from her home. And two hours later, I'm home baby!!!

Disappointing Streamyx

This time you really let me down, Shitreamyx!!! The normal internet speed is good, but torrent, limewire and all that P2P things were ass slow!!! (Normally I got 30++KB/s, but this time the "normal" rate is 1-2KB/s. What the hell is wrong?) And with that, I cannot get myself my weekly dose of Lost and Desperate Housewives. Is this temporarily, or did Streamyx join some anti online piracy campaign or something? Arrghh!!!

AIM 13

Yeah, at last, my review on the 13th AIM I've watched 4 hours ago. If you're a local entertainment scene's follower, it will come as no surprise to you that this year's AIM is shrouded with lots of controversies. From Mawi's album ineligibility issue, to Jac's "new artiste" nomination (despite Gemilang being her 2nd album), from Ahli Fiqir/Shannon/Zoul nominations (despite being Singaporean), to the termination of "Best Ethnic Pop Album" category (not enough nomination). So how did the show went?

It's Jac's night. She won (let me count..) 4 awards out of 7 nominations including Album of the Year. And as predicted, Gemilang lost in the Song of the Year category to underdog Zahid's Warkah Buat Laila. (little trivia: A song will never win both Juara Lagu and AIM's Song of the Year. The last song that won both was Siti Nurhaliza's Jerat Percintaan in 1996/97 and after that, the awards will deny each other.)

Poor Adibah. Adibah Noor walked home empty handed despite bagging 5/6 nominations (I don't remember). But she lost in dignity. Her album was one of the BEST I've heard this year.

Go Siti! Despite stiff competition from Jac and Adibah, Siti continue her winning streak on Best Female Vocal Performance this year for the 8th consecutive years, establishing herself as the BEST local female singer ever! Anyway, I've just listened to her new album Transkripsi and I can smell her 9th win next year! (Who cares if she wanna marry Datuk K,L,M or N. I love her for her talent, not for filling my wedding fantasy!)

Here's the complete list of winners.

Best New Artiste - Jaclyn Victor
Most Promising Artiste - Ridzuan
Best Male Vocal Performance - Shannon (for album Dilanda Cinta)
Best Female Vocal Performance - Siti Nurhaliza (for album Live in Royal Albert Hall)
Best Group Vocal Performance - VE (for album For You)
Best Album Cover - Rebirth Into Reality (Too Phat)
Best Engineered Album - Kasih (Dayang Nurfaizah)
Best Music Video - Sleepy Head (Lo)
Best Nasyid Album - Ameen (Raihan)
Best Pop Rock Album - Santai (Awie)
Best Hard Rock Album - Live & Unplugged at Planet 05 - May
Best Pop Album - Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor)
Best New Local English Artiste - Deja Voodoo Spells
Best Local English Album - Rebirth Into Reality (Too Phat)
Best Indonesian Album - Padi (Padi)
Best Musical Arrangement in a Song - Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor)
Song of the Year - Warkah Buat Laila (Zahid)
Album of the Year - Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor)

Kembara Award - Raihan
Wirama Award - S Atan

For my review for last year's AIM click here
Picture credit to AIM13 Official Website

My Life As A Me 1st Birthday!!!

I just realized that my first entry was on 29th April last year, so Happy Birthday to my blog!!!


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