Friday, May 26, 2006

At Last...

...I'm back baby, I'M BACK!!! Hehe, so sorry for not posting anything new here for sooo freaking long. Hmm... don't know why. Lately I'm sooo not in the "blogging mood". Even cik/datin/"diva" Nurul has made an amazing 7 new entries since my last update three weeks ago. Hmm that pretty leaves me not much to talk about my latest happenings. But for the sake of my personal reference in the future, I'm still gonna write about it here. But most of them have already basi la. So pardon me.

Those Great 2 Weeks.

As you might already know, after our final exam's last paper, which signalling the end of our 1st year (wooow i can't believe a year has passed... so fast the time could be indeed), we stayed at Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi for an extra 2 weeks. So this is basically what's been going around on those 2 weeks.

The Day...

Basically I'll be waking up at 9-10am and went to the studio with Wan and Mr. Shafiz Wonka. After having breakfast with the rest of the team, we started working with our respective department. I'm in technical, Wan in souvenir and Shafiz in exhibition, while Farah and Nurul la diva in special task (tugas-tugas khas), to name a few.

As a technical AJK, one of my task is to help other departments finding their needs. So there goes Farah's car as the "official" (which means gas claimed) transport, which I drove all Bangi and Kajang (moreover, mine didn't have road tax, kene tarik plak kang) to find things ranging from mounting boards to steel rods. Besides me and Chee Way as the head; Keghi and Guan were also in the same department. (Oh yes, and a crap who I don't care about - mod emosional)

And from other departments, all things have been running smoothly, especially the souvenir team who are prepared all 30 cenderamata and special task department who worked hard to finish the banners. Kudos to (almost) everybody for your commitment.

Jenguk-jenguk AJK souvenir...

Lari kat AJK Tugas-Tugas Khas plak...

And occasionally, we held meetings from time to time to hear progress reports from every departments.

Hafiz handled the meeting

...And The Night

After having our wajib dinner outside, most of us will be heading to DECTAR to practice on our performance, to be performed on the performance night at the Olympiarch. Hmm... I wish I could tell our performance concept, but I'm afraid to spoil the surprise it might bring soon. But one thing I could tell - it's unique and I believe never been performed at previous workshops before. Although I'm a little bit sceptic at first (hey, some of us never touched gamelan, keyboard and whatsoever before, yet we have only 2 weeks to prepare), but I'm amazed that by now everything has been nailed perfectly, in just 6-7 nights of practice. Good job guys! Add not forgetting our "mentor", Mr. Adzan, from the UKM's kebudayaan department who are willing to be more than a teacher. Love his spooky stories about DECTAR. Haha...

In the end, it was rather hard to leave back for home. Not just because there's still many works to do, but also I'm gonna miss the fun and laughter that we've had all week long. 2 weeks at home will feel longer than ever. (And plus, the LAN connection at Burhan was superb!!! soo freaking fast)

Visit to UIAM Accredetation Exhibition
The day before we return home, we made a visit to International Islamic University (IIUM/UIAM) architecture exhibition in conjunction with the accredetation visit by the PAM (Malaysia Architect Association). But due to the miscommunication through our lecturer, we went on the day after the exhibition ended. We went like "what? wasting the precious gas!". But thankfully, to make us up what we've missed, some of the seniors are kind enough to be the tour guide for the faculty, bringing us to their studios and all.

The faculty (or kuliyyah, as they called it) was soo huge. I think it's two times larger than our engineering faculty itself. Most of the buildings there have a huge turkish-middle eastern architecture influence, but what captured me most was the traditional malay house influence in the interior. But considering it's gigantic size, I can imagine how creepy it would be at night, especially if you wanted to use the toilet, since it is located pretty far from the studio. Haha, no pun intended to the students, but as the Malay proverb goes, Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri. Although our studios, facilities and faculties are really nothing to shout about, it's already becoming part of our life, and we're truly proud of it. (p/s: wait for our own under-development faculty, the previews our lecturers let us saw last year looked amazing!)

Reaching Home

I'm sooo disappointed upon reaching home to find that the telephone line's been strucked by lighthning. No telephone line = No Streamyx!!! Aaargghhh!!! But thanks to living in the cyber era, I found out that my home is not the sole wireless equipped. Haha, yes, I stole my neighbour's wireless. Hmm... pretty fast during night, but I have to bring my notebook closer to sliding door to be able to receive the signal. Nevertheless, I made a report to Streamyx on Tuesday (1-300-88-9515, in case you got yourself into the same situation), and a day later the techinicians came and fixed it (got new modem for free!! haha). But the bad news is my wireless router's been affected too, so now I have to resort for the cable. So, no wireless freedom for the moment.

It's been exactly a week since I'm home, a week that filled with practically nothing (that is if you don't count surfing the Net as something). Am planning to watch The Da Vinci Code (my must see movie of the year!) next week. Although critics are bashing the movie, I know that I'll be entertained. Any followers?

The Week of Finalés

It's the end of US TV season, where all shows are closing their curtain with the finalés. Two shows I've been following religiously since their premieres last September, Lost and Desperate Housewives have gone all out in their finales, with lots of surprises in store. Am currently downloading it, though I've read what's gonna happen (who could resist to peek it? hehe).

Goodbye Charmed

I bid farewell to one of the most captivating series I've ever watched, Charmed which ended beautifully last Sunday with an episode titled Forever Charmed. Started at US on 1998 and landed here a year later (when I was in form 1), it really hooked me from the start. Never miss an episode (watched/downloaded) until the 6th season, before I got lost in it's twists and turns after that (more significantly after the arrival of Lost and Desperate Housewives), but nevertheless i'm happy that the series ended it's 8-year run with full dignity.

Charmed through the ages

The people who brought us Charmed


ChikaDior said...

haa....baru puas ati aku! HAR HAR HAR! lenkali....buat entry camni lah. Baru puas. Wooo... mmg ulasan yg melampau telitinya. TAPI... abes bocor rahsia banner kita. Ko nihhhh!!! Tapi nampak triple-cun plak banner tu dlm gambar ni. And one thing for sure... i love u guys punya performance. Walaupon aku tak join, tapi aku rasa bangga. Wuteva pon keputusannya nanti, aku akan sentiasa puas sbb this is the best from us... kan?

psstt: gi umah fara tak sok? jom convoy..

Adian said...

haha 3-4 jam gak aku menyudahkan entry kali ni. ala, banner tu baru satu je drpd banyak yg korang wat kan? ala, performance pun dah agak2 bocor sket sbb instrument sume dah nampak. hehe... seri la. yes, performance sgt puas hati. dpt nombor corot pun aku tetap kan bangga. hehe.. syok sendiri plak.

aiyeza said...

fuyoo..full version..hamek ko bace...suke la picture2 yg ko amek adian..

Adian said...

tq tq

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