Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Holiday! (Sort Of...)

As I might wrote it previously, we’re staying at UKM for preparation on the upcoming Olympiarch at UTM. So, everyone in the course are staying at Burhan – thankfully for free. But before proceeding any further, let’s move on to the recent updates.

Final Exam – 2nd Half Analysis

Thankfully, the second half of our final exam (Architectural Communication and Architectural History) went on quite smoothly, and by that I didn’t mean a flying-colour-for-sure smooth, but just better than the horrendous first half where there were very little chance that I’ll be getting good grades. Wut-everrrr. The main important thing is, it’s over baby!!!! Over!!! Haha…

Thanks Maxis!!
Wow, it definitely in my wishlist, but I never saw it coming, at least this soon. My whole faculty and college are now 100% Maxis covered. Wow!!! I suspect it must have something to do with the installation of a new “mystery” tower on the “hill” which houses the Law Faculty. Zillion thanks to Maxis!!! Of course, everyone needs time to adjust themselves to the new situation. Sometimes they still go out of the studio to make a call. And the best of all, we also got covered by Maxis’s Campus Zone which we could only dreamed of before. 1 cent SMS babeh!!!

Sudanese Visit

Just the night before the final paper, we were informed of the visit by a group of Sudanese architectural students to our faculty to see our work (I’m not sure if they were the same group that visited us last year, but I think they’re from the same university). So, we cleaned our studio again and put everything back in order. The seniors have chosen some projects to be highlighted at a section, and I was happy to see my gallery got chosen, as well as Anuar’s gallery and apparatus, Farah’s apparatus among others. So right after the last paper, we rushed to studio to meet the students. They commented on our work, and there’s also a Q&A session (question and answer) where I accidentally “forced” by others to answer a question with my crap English. Haha, luckily they didn’t understand English as well or they’ll be laughing at me. Hehe…

Not knowing what to do after everything has ended, Chee Way came up with an idea – Mines! At 2pm, Farah and Chee Way drove me, Nurul, Ainul, Anuar, Hoay San, Ayie and Keghie to the Mines. First, 5 of us played bowling, and others went window shopping. Then we had meal, and we broke up again. Me, Ainul, Ayie and Keghie went to the IT section, where I found a real deal – old but original VCDs and DVDs for RM5! Beat that! I grabbed Britney’s Crossroads DVD as well as three of Aziz M Osman’s gems – Idola, Seri Dewi Malam and Trauma VCDs. Haha. Also, Confessions of a Drama Queen and The Butterfly Effect DVD (but these are pirated ones lar). We went back at 7pm.


Hoay San


Chee Way

Half Day Holiday
The next day, my parents picked up me and half of my things home. Arrived home at 5pm and I had my half day holiday. The streamyx’s P2P connection still unbelievably slow.

Back Again
The next afternoon, dad lended me his car to be used for the two-week stay at UKM, and register out of the college. The registration process is a nightmare!!! I waited for 2 goddamn hours for the check person to come to my room and check for any damages before I can proceed to the official form thingy. I also got fined for RM30 (damn it!!) for late returning the room’s key that I picked since I got locked out after the college dinner. But thinking on the positive side, I considered it as an extra charge to let me stay alone in my room for the whole semester (Something that I haven't mentioned in this blog. Yes, I was all alone this whole semester!). Hehe. That night, some students spent the night at the studio, but luckily I’ve made a spare key to my room previously, so I got to sleep for one last night in my room.

Welcome to Burhan
The next day, we started moving to Burhan at afternoon. We all got the rooms at the same floor. Yay! I shared room with Wan, who’ll also be my roommate for the next semester. My room was in a pretty good deal of mess, but fortunately we’re good enough to make it habitable. Huhu.

Waiting for Monday

So we got to spend another two free days before moving on to the ‘preparation zone’ for the next two weeks. Hmm… so excited!


ChikaDior said...

burhan kotor byk monyet.....

sana sini monyet. monkeys are everywhere!

Adian said...

monyet? xde pun? ke... korang yg jadi monyet tu... hahaha..


ChikaDior said...

kami monyet? half laaaaa.... wakakakaka......... aku rasa, monyet tu semua jantan. Klu yg betina tu, dia lesbo... sbb mereka hanya terdapat di blok pompuan.

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