Friday, June 16, 2006

Another Great 2 Weeks

I've planned to write this several times before but kept postponing it for many reasons. But due to the fact that it's already Friday, AND it's 20 minutes before the prayer, AND I'll be helping my friends transporting their stuffs to the studio, AND left the car at my uncle's house, AND we'll be boarding the bus at 6AM TOMORROW, I think I should write it now or you have to wait for another week.

So here it begins,

Another Great 2 Weeks (sequel to the Those Great 2 Weeks)

It's non stop fun for us here! That left me with no time to update this thing. We are still staying at Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi, but this time the guys got the FOURTH FLOOR! (Or third, if you don't count the ground as first). Back at the studio, basically we're finishing the work that we left at the end of our first "session". We're happily helping each other, regardless of what department that we're in (for example I'm in technical, but still help the souvenir, accessories, banners and so on), UNLIKE some of "others" who took our kindness for granted. So damn useless, who the hell do you think you are? What do you think the purpose of we're applying the college for you? To enjoy the internet connection? Please, like Farah said, get some life, people!

Enough of the talk of useless people, let's enjoy pictures of the useful ones. Haha...

The souvenir department working

And the results

And more results

The exhibition department,


The special tasks department (seen here is Anuar)

The results,

More results

And talking about results, it's like 10pm at night while we're working on the souvenirs when suddenly Wan got an SMS from his friend saying that the results for the final exam (read the review here and here) have already out. We were like "aaaaa" in excited state and pretty horrored at the same time. Duh!!! Everybody couldn't continue their work, and Ainul was the first to check (and confirmed) that the news was true. I checked the result with holded breath, for fearing if history repeats itself, and.... aaaa!!! Alhamdulillah, it's more that I've expected! What a relief! Especially for the I-disastrously-thought mathematics, which I got B+. And that means, no repeats!!! And goodbye mathematics, as I'm not gonna learn it for at least another 2 years (or forever, I hope).

Meanwhile, I could not wish for more on the performance. We wrapped the training session last night. Love it very, very much, although I've injured my finger last night, I hope it will heal as soon as possible to allow me contibute my best there. And guess what? We're already get the invitation to perform at another architectural students gathering (which we don't know a single thing about) at Taman Mini Malaysia, Malacca next month, and a possible spot at the next faculty's dinner. Heheh... I guess it's pretty hard to believe that a group of non-musical related course students could perform this kind of thing. Here's some of the pictures of last night's final rehearsal (and the night before). Wish us luck!

Rebana ubi team

Performance guys

After all has ended, look at the joy at their faces

And this morning, we were visited by some 50 of the students from SM Teknik Alor Star. Good thing: We are preparing for the Olympiarch exhibitions, so this is kinda pre-test on things we might expect. But the bad news: We were running out of time to finish things up, and suddenly we have to prepare the exhibitions for them, kinda wasting these few precious hours. But it's done, and we're glad to successfully multitasking it.

BTW, for my future reference, today I officially discard someone as a human being. I hope he'll be dead soon!!!


fara-D said...

u discard someone as a human being??
hulala...awat nih??
sape sape? mane mane?
bila? mengapa? kenapa? apa? dimana????

Jonh Neo said...

I like the email software
It is usefull, money investing

Adian said...

haha bukan saje discard as human being, malah anggap sbg shit dah... waaa sungguh biadab aku kali ni. hmm siapakah org tu? ala, tau2 je la... ntah knape tahap kebencian aku dh mencapai maksima.

ChikaDior said...

woooooooooo.... i like this entry. I like the story and i like the pictures but unluckily i was not there time kanak2 itu dtg melawat... I LOVE EVERYTHING WE'VE DONE THESE FEW WEEKS!!! AWESOME!!! Banner itu nampak kerennn..

fara-D said...

mcm tau tapi ......btol ka?

ChikaDior said...

ala.... DIA TU kan? kan???

Adian said...

korang ni memang saje tau! kang sebut name kang, kene saman malu plak. dah la tgh kegawatan ekonomi nih. besfren tu la...

ChikaDior said...

tau... saja nak buat ko sebot nama dia... lalalallala~

fara-D said...

loh...besfren ka...ekekek..... lampi la....bese la...otak tgh suci....

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