Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm The King!

Haha, I'm all alone in my home from yesterday till tomorrow, as my family went to my cousin's wedding at Malacca. Never been a fan of this wedding kenduri thingy, so I passed and decided to stay and keep a good look on the house.

A Good Week, Technically.

Overall, things have turned up pretty great this week. At last, I've been able to remove the ever annoying pop up screen which always turns up everytime I log on to Windows and also get the lost "folder options" back to life, both of which were the aftermath of the disastrous Brontok virus, which infected my notebook at the beginning of the second semester but thankfully I've managed to get things under control before it's too late. Thanks to the ever reliable Google which always have solutions for every single technical problem I ever faced.

Yesterday at 7pm, my download suddenly paused, and Streamyx was lifeless. Damn! After an hour of waiting, I called the customer service hotline, and got the pre-recorded message of "gangguan perkhidmatan Streamyx di Lembah Klang, dalam proses pembaikan, bla2". I thought okay, at least I'm not the only one having it (I mean the problem wasn't coming from my line's fault, or I have to wait for the technicians to come again for God's sake). At 2-3am, the connection was live again, and I was truly amazed that somehow it finally restored my torrent download rate back to normal, reaching 50-60kB/s. Thanks Streamyx!


Last Tuesday night, I booked a ticket online for The Da Vinci Code the next day (as you know, TGV's Wednesday tickets are cheapier). Then the next morning, Afeeq called and asked to join him to KL International Motorshow at the PWTC, as he got a pair of free VIP tickets (worth RM20 each). Never been a fan of this type of exhibition (unlike PC Fair!!), but nevertheless I agreed (it's free, and I haven't pay for Da Vinci Code, so no harm done). He picked me up at 12pm, and off we went.

Overall, it was good (car enthusiasts would surely love it). A picture's worth a thou words, right? So let's just proceed. I took lots of photos, but I'll just post those with chicks, to everyone's satisfactory.

Proton - I'll give them the award for the sopan-est models

Scooby doo meets 70's hippies.

View from second floor.

Airbrush demostration

Eh, Hyundai Coupe pun ada? ni idaman Diva kan?

A-la batman concept car.

My favourite of the show. Volvo sumthing. Look, good cars don't need models.

Cammanela kalau bawak g fac ni? Parking depan kafe tu. Haha...

Really can't wait for Monday! Wait for my return, UKM!


ChikaDior said...

tak best entry ni byk pompuan... :(

Adian said...


ChikaDior said...

eh..btw kan... ada hyundai coupe! omg! nanti mesti beli.Pas workshop ni nak belilah.. wakakakka *ckp mengalahkan jutawan*

aiyeza said...

ahahah..diva,xkan jeles kot byk pempuan??adian kan memang mata besketbal..akakakak(jgn marah adian)..
lawa la keta2 ngan volvo yg best

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