Monday, June 26, 2006

Olympiarch - A Picture Diary

Phew!!! It's several days since we came back from UTM for Olympiarch, but I still can't stop clicking on "Lagu Senibina" and "Flames of Fire" in my iTunes once every few hours. I've read quite a lot of comments and criticisms from architectural students's forum (,, but hey, whatever! Despite some hitches and glitches every here and there, and some boring moments, I truly enjoyed myself there! This is my first time to join an architectural workshop, so my thoughts might differ from those "seniors" or "veterans", but nevertheless, kudos to UTM's architectural students, especially to the organizing team for making this a memorable event. You guys put A LOT of commitments in ensuring this event to be a success (I heard you even setup a carwash to collect funds), and it will be quite some time for us, as newbies to be able to organize such huge event.

Okay, let's start with DAY 1. You might recollect my last entry where I told you that we're gonna depart from UKM at 6AM! Yeah, yeah, 6AM la sangat!!! Later that night we were informed of an hour delay to 7am. Quite a relief, so we woke at 6 and carrying our stuffs all the way from Burhanuddin Helmi to the faculty. We arrived some time after 7am, and the bus only arrived at 8am! sheesh! While waiting for the bus to arrive, we brought out all of our exhibition and exposition stuffs from the studio, bertenggek kat tepi ni, as proved by the picture below.

"Bila bas nak sampai ni?"


As a self-confessed camera freak delegates, we kill time by... breakfast? (teeeet.. wrong answer, kafe tak bukak, hali Sabtu ma...) right answer is, posing and posing and posing!!!

At last, the wicked bus arrived, so we started carrying the stuffs into the bus. Kalau dah nama camera freak, angkat barang pun bukan alasan for stop posing!

"Urgh!" It's not an easy task to put the huge exposition circle through the bus door, but we managed to sumbat it anyway!

After loading everything inside the bus, pelagi, posing la lagi! (But we still recite the doa la)

We eventually departed from UKM at 8.45am. Then we stopped at an R&R (which I cannot recall where) for breakfast. So, continuing the long journey ahead, everybody's qada' their lost sleep the night before.

Ah Tong and TY

Farah - seemed like sleeping but actually not, she's reading novel cintan. haha...

Diva-la-tido. Owh, siap baring lagi ek!

Ceeda and A'ai

Actually we stopped over at Parit Sonto, Johor (where Usop Sontorian originated from!) for lunch at 12pm, but I didn't take any pictures there.

Johor Bahru, turn left!

UTM, turn right!

Yeay! A huge Olympiarch banner greeted us. A representative already waiting at the front gate hopped into our bus, welcoming us and tell what to do next, so on and so forth.

"Yeay! Finally arrived!!! Get ready for UKM everybody, we're gonna rock u!"

Waiting for the registration process

Got my name tag! I'm in red team! (alongside Mek Ti, Anuar, Guan and Afiq)

After the registration and briefing, we started to unload the exhibition and exposition stuffs to their respective places.

And this is our completed booth. We made a grave mistake by not bringing any presentation panels, thinking that we want to focus on the models, which resulting in people don't know what is the project about? Which one is the gallery and which one is shelter? The apparatus? But it's over and done, we've learnt our mistake. We'll prepare better for next year's.

By the way, UM's already setting up their booth by that time.

And Politeknik Merlimau/Port Dickson, I think.

Hey! This one looks just like my spider that was rejected for the readymade project.

After that we went registering ourselves for our rooms, bla2 (let's skip that part), basically the room was quite fine and clean (maybe because it's a siswi blocks). After dinner (which was spicy like hell, muka masing2 merah padam!), the night suddenly kicks off with an ice breaking session, but this is not the usual buat-bulatan-kenalkan-diri-masing-masing type of ice breaking, instead, we were asked to find a partner from the same group (mine was red), and do a mask on him/her by papier mache technique (ala, like Art Attack one you watched on TV, blend paper with flour and stamp on face until it harden and dry). Basically, the organizers were hoping that we will get to know our partner and do the "ice breaking" session while making mask, but what happened instead - everybody's pairing with their own school mates! Hahaha...

Anuar's pairing up with Afiq

I'm pairing up with Mekti. Huhu jangan jeles. It's totally professional OK.

From left, circular clockwise: Farah, Ceeda, Tan, Chee Way and Shafiz, all from the blue team, (but all UKM)

It's DAY 2. After breakfast, we headed to the battlefield, where most of the things, including the grand finale battle will be held at. The facilitator told us what we're gonna do for the next 4 days. Basically, the next 3 days will be spent on the preparation of fortresses, trebuchets, masks, costumes and weapons, and on fourth day we're gonna battle!

Back at my faction, where there were roughly 60 of each colour faction, we were divided into 3 "departments", 20 in charge of fortress and trebuchets, 20 for weapons, and another 20 for the masks and costumes. All of us (UKM) chose to stay close to each other by lima-lima orang skali join the fortress team.

The whole faction were divided into 2 alliances, BRO (blue/red/orange) and GYM (green/yellow/magenta), we decided on what our fortresses should look like, the pattern, the strategy, bla2. Seen below are the kings of my alliance. (Yes, a king and two generals were appointed for each colour team) (Shafiz and Chee Way bolot as generals for blue faction)

Farah tak tau nak masuk campur ke tak...

Okay, decisions were made. So we, the askar2 bawahans started collecting the platform woods, tyres and shoe pad rubber cut-outs that were supplied to make our "fortress"

After lunch, most of us (at least, UKM delegates) will usually lepak at the exhibition area to get the cooling effect from the air-cond. By now, all schools have finished setting up their booth.

One mind-captivating shelter (I think) from Taylor's College. So creative!

I don't know which school is this. Anybody?

By evening, we check up the stage which we're gonna performed on the performances night. Basically we were hoping to perform in the hall or some indoor area, to get maximum impact on the acoustics side. Hmm we're started to have doubts.

Nevertheless, the day fell and the night proceeded, it's the opening ceremony! Held at UTM's own Dewan Sri Iskandar, which was visibly smaller that our DECTAR.

The opening ceremony was grand enough to obtain thundering applause from all participating schools. The school's introduction was spirit-burning where every school performed their cheer. We were lucky that no other school's using whistle, so we whistled the whole place out.

The golden girls in some of my favourite oldies medley rendition. At the back were the flag bearers for every schools, in a Greek-Olympic theme.

A traditional Indian dance from Limkokwing.

A'ai was very excited on the dance.

Then came a lady singing "Lagu Senibina", before UTM's answer to Malaysian Idol's Daniel appears - he looks and sounds almost the same, singing the theme song of this year's workshop - "Flames of Fire", which surprise, surprise! sounds similar to the tune of Daniel's "Mimpi". By the middle of the song, suddenly half of the crowd went up to the stage like the end of an RTM hari raya musical shows, but this time looks more like parti liar.

Unashamedly I confess, yes I was in the commotion too. (Diorang paksa OK!)

Inside the core.

Banner kena bawak! Kene promote!

Crowds cheering!!!

After the party liar.

In front of our exposition, at the lobby of the hall.

Welcome to DAY 3. After breakfast, as usual we "marched" to the battlefield to continue the preparation for the battle ahead.

"Day 3 la Ceeda, not 5!"

During the daily "assembly", the facilitator told us that what we've built the day before was more like "fence", and instead they were hoping that we brainstormed something more "architectural" like a "tower" or stuff like that. Hello! You gave us a bunch of wooden platform and expect us to build a tower? Are you kidding me? Baru buat pagar basic pun dah habis kayu. And by that time, GYM (green/yellow/magenta) alliance, through their UTM members, have gone illegally cilok wooden2 box dari memane tah. And by this time, we, the fortress guys had dumbstrucked. Barang2 dah abis, tak tau nak watpe. Then I noticed lots of unused shoepad cutouts (there were LOTS of them, tah dari kilang mane tah UTM kutip ni) so I suggested to Mek Ti, "Jom gantung kat ranting2 ni, bole shield waterguns nanti. Decoration pun bleh gak. Lagipun xde pape dah nk wat." So we started hanging those cutouts at the trees' branches. Then, came people from my deparment helping us. The next thing I know, EVERY factions did the same! Huhu... trendsetternye kitorang! Haha

Haha, nila langsir2 yg kitorang wat.

Meanwhile, the trebuchet guys have complete the rangka of our trebuchet.

Then, the rain started pouring. Actually it is indeed a rainy season. But lebat gak hujan time tu. First, we were given raincoats. But lama2 jadi panas plak dlm raincoat plastik tu. So pelagi, lari!!!

Blue Faction (Farah, Ceeda, Tan, Shafiz, Chee Way) paling kesian skali. They got no natural protection, unlike other teams who got trees. So kene teruskan gakla keje dlm hujan lebat tu.

Because of the rain, we went upstairs to the studio to take a look at the progress of other departments. Hmm... bagus, bagus.

Our masks have been painted red.

Weapons waiting for the assembly.

On the afternoon, after lunch, most of us left the battlefield (although we're supposed to be there!) to watch the exposition presentation session by school's representatives.

UiTM Shah Alam with their cube.

The USM with their fragmented monument, which surprisingly similar, but bigger, than Taylor's College.

Yeah, this is ours. Because of the lighting effects our exposition's required, we had to present it indoor (in front of our exhibition booth). Seen here is Beh presenting with Anuar as the human model inside the cylinder. Other notable exposition including UIA's which is a gigantic cube. (I think the organizers have set the rules of required measurements, don't they? 2x2x3?) On the way to the battlefield after that, I overheard two of the judges's conversation that they loved our idea, though our end product was not that powerful. I quickly told my friend, and we kept our fingers crossed.

On 4pm, the first "war" a.k.a weapon training session was held. Here, each factions put their completed water guns to test. But for UKM, we were more nervous for our performance tonight.

Tembak! Tembak!

Nervous ke tak, yang penting amik gamba!

The instruments arrived at 6pm. So we unload all the rebana, gamelan pieces and keyboard.

Thank God we were the first to perform! There were lots of adjustment made, from sound check, tuning, to rehearsal. The instrument arrangement alone took us a lot of time because of space problem. It might took people 30 minutes of waiting for the setup if we're not the first performer that night.

Nervous blakang stage!

During last soundcheck.

Alhamdulillah, we gave our best that night! Seriously, people didn't expect this "heavy" kind of thing from us. They might expect a sketsa, pantomine or nyanyian ringan2. Love to prove them wrong. By that point of time, personally I don't think of winning, as the rousing cheers from the audience after we ended the performance was more than enough for me. That proved that we're not syok sendiri, they really enjoyed our performance. Good job guys!!! But sorry I don't have the pictures, tengah ketuk rebana camne nak amik gamba kan. :) The rest of performance for that night, some were good, and some were unprepared. For the sake of diverse visitors I might receive after this, I won't comment on the other performances. But for the first night, UiTM Sri Iskandar was entertaining though spontaneous with their "wayang kulit" play. Generally, all the performanced are short which left the evening ended early and audiences craved for more.

After the night ended, everybody was happy and relieved! But remember, we still got a few shows after this! waa hotlink road tour betul!

The lorry came at 12am, so we have to load everything back.

I skipped DAY 4 as this is the most boring day of all. I only came until afternoon, then went back to my room and zzzz.... The second night of performances saw generally every schools doing long skecthes and plays, which unlike the first night where audiences wants more, this night everybody looked at their watches, wondering "bile nak abis...". For the second night, I loved IKM's neon light play, and UTM's human sound thing. Extra question: Does anybody know what is the song playing in during Kolej Alif's japanese dance? I love it!

So, we're entering DAY 5. The GRAND BATTLE!!! Huhu... everybody was sooo anticipating for this, after days of preparing (actually 2 days je, tapi rase lame sbb xbanyak bende yg buat).

Yellow faction.

Blue faction.

Last assembly before the battle.

Preparing the colour water as the ammo.

Hoho the costume a.k.a raincoat doesn't just hot inside, but makes me appear fat. Sheeesh.

So the battle begins!!! UUU teruja siot!!! With Gladiator soundtracks playing loud from the big speakers, accompanied by gendang2 tong from the organizers, GEMPAK ABIS!!! Semangat gile. With myself got the water bazooka at the last minute, best gile tembak orang! The objective is to protect our king and flag from the enemies. Once the 3 flags from an alliance were captured, the other alliance won. To "kill" a soldier, we have to shoot the coloured water to the white cloth pinned in front of the costume, with minimum 30% of the cloth area are coloured. But rules are meant to be broken, everybody kept playing even after killed. Furthermore, our red coloured water aren't "red" enough, so I focused more on the face and hair (for girls) haha... The battle was played in 3 slots, with 15 minutes time for each slots. But even after the 3 slots, there's still no won alliance. So, the kings fought themselves, but still, nobody wins too. The facilitators then resort to the ol' biggest-cheer-wins, which was won by magenta, so the GYM alliance win. Hello! Magenta cheer tak best ok! Just because the leader doing joget2 hakka on the front, you win la? Not fair!!! BRO alliance was more united in terms of cheer. Ok, fine. We lost. Whatever la. At the end, the winning alliance received a heavy concrete block painted with stenciled "medal". Tak nak pun. Eh, emotional plak.

After lunch, we went to Danga Bay. The objective? Hmm... I don't know. Got some nice just completed projects there. The Leaf Bay attracted me most. As the name suggests, it's an open concept eating place with big, leaf-shaped roof.

Also got a "Perkampungan Melayu", where traditional houses from every district in Johor were built.

Later that night, we held BBQ. Got half-baked chicken (it's ok, i know, there's not enough time), sausage, potato, and otak-otak (half-baked too I think). The performance winner was announced, and UIA won both best costume and best performance. Hmm.. again it's ok. We've done our best, and UIA certainly put a lot of effort in their's.

Last day, DAY 6. The closing ceremony was held in the morning where the winners for all competitions were announced. We're sending only a few entries for idea, essay and photography because of the 1st June deadline, and lost in all categories. But we're still hoping for our exposition, though chances are 50-50, cos there's only one winner for that category. So, it's wheather be-the-first-or-nothing situation. Dup, dup, dup...

OMG!!! We won!!! You could only imagine our cheers when UKM was announced as the winner. After sacrificing the holidays and all our hard works in preparing everything for this event, it's a near tear-jerking moments for us all to be apreciated. Kudos to Beh who originally came up with the idea. RM2000 - at least we assume RM1000 goes to performances. Heheh...

And our delegates cheer up again!

UiTM Shah Alam will host the next architectural workshop. Creative intro performances. Can't wait for next year!

The souvenir giving session to-and-from all participating schools. Our souvenir's kinda outstanding, don't they?

Ainul's giving the souvenirs to all the head of delegates.

Abang Is recived the souvenirs from other delegates.

Then comes the photo moment, shortly before lunch.

In the end, I can say the majority of us enjoy ourselves along the 6-day event. Again, thanks to the organizing commitee for such a memorable event. To the red faction facilitators, the people from performance department whom I dealt with, and even kakak who signed my meal tag everyday, u guys rocks!!!

With 92 pictures gracing this entry, making it by far, my longest. Another round of play for "Lagu Senibina" and "Flames of Fire" please.

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ChikaDior said...

adiannnnnnnn!!! ini entry terbest dari ko! i'm so damn excited and impressed by this entry. Oh my god! OMG!!!! tiba2 rasa rindu lak nak gi sana. Walopon aku tak bersosial (coz now i'm in anti-social-but-i-dunno-y mode) ahahaha! but i truly enjoy the workshop with all my frens. (include u lah!) coz sometimes i think, u guys make it more fun.

hey, terperanjat berok aku tgk gambar aku tdo tu. how dare you!!! funny like hell. aku gelak bagai nak ghak sorang2 dlm bilik ni n wonder if my bro outside cud hear me. aih.. brengsek kamu! AHAHAH! baik punya pose.

lagu2 tu buat semangat olympiarch cam dibakar-bakar kan? lekas send me that two songs. i love all of ur photos. aih... can't get enuff space to comment this entry. teruja sgt ni. but one more... TY give cute pose time tdo. ahaha... n wutta poyo-poyo pose fara did. Baca novel cinta lak tu. better get nice sleep like me.Siap baring agi. so now, mmg sah! everything bout olympiarch is perfect termasoklah tempat tdo yg baik dlm bas. Load of luv!

Adian said...

wah panjangnye komen! hehe... wajibla meninggalkan kesan emosi yg mendalam. (lagi2 kalu lagu senibina dan flames of fire dimainkan time membaca) sbb aku pun sgt setulus ikhlasnya enjoy time tu dan spent 2 hari 2 malam resize gamba ngan mengarang crite. puas dah tertunai janji nk update pjg lebar. hehe... tq for reading!

nnti bende2 ko nak tu, aku send kan a.s.a.p

fara-D said...

dis is goin to be quite a long list....ahaha

*ahaha...aku mmg bkn tdo...aku mmg tgh baca novel...aku dlm kesedaran masa adian dok wat tugas durjana itu-snap gamba org tdo
*wah....aku suka la tgk muka aku ditempek kertas durjana itu...mcm anggun pula...pas ni g klas boh mask tuh dlu lah....ahaha!!! (tp SEKSA la time mask tuh bertempek...nak gelak pon ssh!! cheh!!)
*ko lupe nak sumbatkan psl sheeda menyengal atas stage masa ice-breaking tuh la adian!
*i love RAIN!! kalo bleh takmo sarong poncho durjana didesak oleh king bersama general2 serta org2 lain...huh!! durjana btol baju ujan tuh!! baik dok dlm oven tros!!!!
*walopon bingit ngn tiupan2 UKM mmg poyo yg MANTAP!!!Muahaha!!
*mlm pembukaan melihatkan kite2 ni bagai dirasuk plak...uuuuh...seram!
*anuar melakonkan peranan sbg model dgn jayanya!!! lawa seh ...(i mean the exposition thing yer...not anuar yg lawa!!)
*patot la ko ilang masa kami berpoya2 berposing sakan kat danga bay...kumpol bahan berita rupanye....btw....mana cerok plak kg melayu tuh??????
*well nurul....dont blame me berposing poyo kerna bakat berposing ini sifunya ANDA!!!miahaha!!

nnt aku igt aku add lagik comment....muahahaha!!

p/s: walopon ada time2 boring nye ....i enjoyed olympiarch...sbb kita sentiasa ada kita!!! tip top lah!!! lalala

Anonymous said...

komen aku ke fara lagi panjang? aku kan... aku kan? kan..?kan..??

Adian said...

xsanggup nk kire patah perkataan. lain kali tulis patah perkataan kat bwh (cam wat rumusan plak), hehe k la. best la komen2 tu, xsesia aku wat entry ni. ha, pas ni, aku menagih entry olympiarch korang plak!

fara-D said...

aku nye komen lg panjang la nurul.... ahaha....aku dah kire (ni psl bosan tahap cipan aku kire....kalo tak....kem slm....)
komen nurul....180 patah perkataan....hmm....cukup syarat wat karangan bahse melayu.....
aku nye 197 patah perkataan....alamak....nak potong ayat mana nie ah spy menepati syarat soklan????

fara-D said...

weh adian.....yg link ko kasik tuh....lec IUCTT as in twintech la dear..... bkn limkokwing.....i guess

Adian said...

o yeke... hehe nnti aku tuka

damnlyweird said...

bestnyer tgk gambar2 kat atas tu...u guyz seems really enjoy the Olympiarch...


Anonymous said...

Cuya... dah bukan enjoy lagi dah. Hampir maut akibat over excited!AHAHAH


Adian said...

haha.. btul.. btul...

fara-D said...

mintak izin curik gamba....ngehngeh....

*terpaksa menagih simpati mendptkan gambar2 sbb tak bwk kamera...huaaa :((

Adian said...

sila... sila... nak mintak gamba yg saiz asal pun boleh.

ChikaDior said...

DEAR FARAH - i was attracted when u said that.. i'm ur sifoo to pose poyo-poyo. Hello, dear. I didnt teach u 2be poyo. Pose profesionally ok. Aih, buat malu cekgu je.Pasni farah, kamu dtg jumpa cekgu. Cekgu ajar apa yg patot dan apa yg tidak. Plis jaga nama baik saya as ur sifoo ok. Bahyer statement tu. AHAHAHA!!! one more, when u feel like posing poyoly, plis dun mention my name ok. Only best poser can b my student. ekekeke. :p aku bosannnn!!!! *hingga terhasilnya komen ini*

fara-D said...

muahaha.....pose poyo is my bakat semulajadik....kamu menjadi sifoo dlm menonjolkan bakat berpose ituh....
***walah!! mende la yg dimerapu ni....psl posing pon jadik isu ka??? aiyyohh!!!

cuidano said...

hey, adian!
i see that u like to take pictures senget2 jugak =)
thnx for linking me.
n ur pictures are cool too!

Adian said...

haha always think that senget is more cool! heheh... make the horizon bigger too. heheh...

Surg3 said...

is that your face next to mahathir? how come i didn't see you in the red faction?

anyway, you actually have a picture of me with the trebuchet!

Adian said...

yes that's me. haha... maybe low profile kot. but i always datang everyday ok!

yes, i recognized you from the start. xsangka ada blog rupenye.

ast3 yg best said...

aku sedang mengkomen entry ko yang paleng panjang niyh dian. *juling2 air jap*.
mcm sgt srunuk je olimpiarch ini. ai sangat jeles. erkhekherkhre

Adian said...

sangat srunuk. sangat best. ahaha

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