Friday, June 30, 2006

Untitled. Again.

Another untitled entry from me. Just a biref summary of what's been happening recently.

The Da Vinci Code officially ended it's run on local cinemas this week, to make way for the supa-dupa Superman sensation. Which means one thing - I suck!!! I've missed my most anticipated movie this year! Despite the poor reviews from film critics, I'm still eager to watch it, mainly because the unputdownable writing job by Dan Brown. And this year's summer movie fest is like my worst, sbb xsempat tengok satu ape pun. At least last year, dlm sibuk2 prepare ke kampus, sempat gak tengok War of the Worlds (Click for my review last year). Aaa dulu semangat gile, konon2 nk tgk first day premiere. At the end, ape pun xde. All because of Olympiarch. Hahaa alasan.

Hmm... although I got the pirated VCD from Chee Way, but the picture was freaking horrible. So let's just wait for the DVD to come out. November maybe?

This year's summer movie fest looks weaker that last year. Other than Da Vinci Code, Over The Hedge and Scary Movie 4, there's nothing I really looking forward to watch. And for the weeks ahead, Superman Returns and The Devil Wears Prada look promising.

Jejak Kasih Cyber

Ahaha... thanks to the world wide web, and the growing numbers of people who blog, I finally found my long long lost friend back when I was in Terengganu, Anis Solihah after a long, long 10 years! Found her blog last week. She's now in the States pursuing her studies. It's nice to keep in touch again!

Ghost Whisperer Rocks
I've heard about the series when it was unveiled by CBS last fall, but didn't really care to watch when it aired on 8TV (lagipun kat studio tu mane ade tv pun) until I accidentally catched the season finale 2 weeks ago. OMG Jennifer Love Hewitt (yummy!) the show rocks!!! Some very emotional scenes indeed. Like Farah suggested, it kinda reminds me of Tru Calling (Eliza Dushku.. another yummy), both featuring heroines dealing with dead people, but in different ways. Tru Calling's objective is to save the "dead" by rewinding the day when the "dead" was still alive, while Ghost Whisperer's is to help the restless "dead" to move on to the next phase by resolving their unfinished business with the living. Looking forward to catch the DVD when it comes out later this year.

The Hills Have Eyes
Last night I watched the horror flick "The Hills Have Eyes" after 3 days of downloading (wonder why my torrent connection is slow huh?). And after watching it, I quickly deleted it. Yes, one thing because it's 800MB, but the main cause is, this is not a movie I'm willing to watch again. It's gritty, it's bloody. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The plot is about a group of family passing through New Mexico desert, en route to California, stranded in the middle of nowhere when their caravan broke off. It turns out that the location was used as the government's atomic bomb test place many2 years ago, and some families who refused to move out were exposed to the radiation, causing their newborns turning to mutants. And now, they are grown-ups, turning into flesh-eating monsters who will kill any human being in the area. Waaa memang tak senang duduk. But apart from the creepiness, the killing techniques were nothing original. You've seen it on other pembunuh bersiri movies before.

That's not more! The sequel's on the way due next year.


cuidano said...

i missed the da vinci code tooo =(.
but the book is unputdownable no? as well as the other dan brown books.

is there anyway i could get flames of fire & lagu senibina from you? i know nobody from uitm who has the songs or bought the cd at skudai.

ast3 said...

I hate "the hills have eyes". ahahahha. hate hate hate. I am full of hate. nahhh.nyesal pegi tgk kat wayang . dala dekat 2 jam plak tuh. hahaha. since u've watched it. I almost vomit in th part where th killer drink th blood straight from th bird. my my yuckss.

*sedang emosi. hahahaha

fara-D said...

encik adian ini sudah amat gila terhadap Ghost Whisperer ini....dan turut menjebakkan diri ini ke kancah tersebut (awat mcm jahat je bunyi nye?? ekekek!!) over the hedge sonok i tell u... hehehe!!~
eh?! laaaa....dah delete ke....haihhh!!!

***walks away sambil menundukkan kepala dgn penoh perasaan hampa....***

fara-D said...

eh? laa...as3 sdg mengkomen bersama2 ku rupanya...ekekek.... tak best eyH....hmmm

***tak jadik berperasaan hampa....***

Adian said...

yes, the book does rox! but unfortunately i've yet to catch brown's other works. xsempat daa.. mayb after i finish harry potter 5+6 kot (i know, i'm freaking outdated). hmm that song? i'll try to post it here (org utm tau ni siapla. haha)

eh, kat wayang dah kluar ke? ke wayang jakarta? haha i always love cite2 ngeri camni. ngan romantic comedy (nak tgk the lake house!)

ele, kang aku bli dvd die kang, mesti ko nk pinjam kan. hmm ape yg delete2 tu?

fara-D said...

alahai....delete citer the hills have eyes tu lerr....

Adian said...

ooo... haha sori besar sgt la. penuh dah hard disk aku. lgpun korang mesti xtahan tgk nye.

Adian said...

cuidano, i've posted the songs on the net. just go to the link below. enjoy!

ast3 said...

yep. ade la kua wayanggg. tp mungkin kejap je kot. sebab terlalu hampeh. hahahahha. baek tgk silent of the lamb. nyehhhhh.wayang kl la.. kl. :P jakarta je. hahaha

*sambel cube mempas gegula kat farah yang hampa

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