Monday, July 17, 2006

We're Baaackkkk!!!

Yay! After a 10 (minus 5 for Olympiarch) week long holiday, everybody finally returned to devote themselves back in architecture. Everybody’s so excited, and here’s 3 reasons to be.

  1. The juniors. Honestly, who’s not excited for this? To finally have someone younger than you after being the ‘youngest’ for a year is the same feeling as a brother waiting for his unborn little brother.
  2. Kezutan. Our dearest lecturers are well known for their surprises. Like last semester, where we got our surprising observation platform project on our first day, we thought nothing could top that, unless if this time, we’re going to build our own faculty.
  3. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. SMSs are flying around that we’re gonna head to Malacca on the first week and Terengganu on the next one. Woah! Siapla ongkosnya.

I registered at my ol’ Kolej Pendeta Za’ba on Sunday, this time with the majority of my coursemates staying there together, after being “thrown” out of their respective colleges. (Info: To remain at the same college, ones should be active and involved with their college’s activities and happenings. Architecture students are the same usual “victims” every year, after spending the majority of their days in the studio. In UKM, the newly built Kolej Pendeta Za’ba is the largest, and there’s still lots of rooms unoccupied. So, all the buangan-s were located there). And thank God, there’s no heavy rain “welcoming” me like last semester.

The class still hasn’t officially kicked off yet, but there’s TONNES of stories just for the first day. The most popular was undeniably Shafiz Wonka’s. He got a foreigner as his roommate. A Bangladeshi. Hahaha… we totally laugh our heads out! From the “bawang-bawah-katil” story to the “kopi-panas” story, we got served with fresh comedies everyday. (Note: this story is purely humorous, and strictly means no offence to all Bangladeshis. Kang kene tuduh merosakkan hubungan dua hala Malaysia-Bangladesh plak)

Just When You Thought Nothing Could Surprise You Anymore

And presenting… FIRST DAY! Though we knew that the gotong-royong will only be starting at 9.30am, me, Shafiz and my roommate Wan walked down to the faculty at 8.30 to relinquish our craves for the café’s roti canai and nasi lemak. After breakfast, we returned to studio to find En Mazlan with some 20 of our friends already in the studio, ready to give a short brief of what to expect this semester.

If “sea creatures” was our theme last semester, for this semester it is “cottage industry” or industri desa, where our final project is a cultural centre for a local-made product ie. songket, batik, keropok lekor, etc. And the first assignment (already!) is to design a promotional poster and brochures for our chosen product. And here’s when I got my REAL surprise.

“Kalau lagi bagus, boleh jugak wat website untuk produk tu”
(Hmm… why En. Mazlan’s face suggesting something’s fishy here?)

“Saya cakap sebab saya tahu ada yang boleh buat”
(This is waaay too fishy)

“Kalau nak tahu, ada antara junior yang baru daftar ni pilih Architecture just kat UKM je, bukan kat tempat lain sebab dia baca dari website.”
(Dup… dup)

“Dan website tu dibuat oleh encik Adian kita ni”
(Oh. My. God)

I went speechless. I mean, c’mon, are you kidding me? There’s noo waay I would have made such an important decision just after reading a blog! What if I lied this past year? Thankfully, everything that has been written in my blog came sincerely from my heart. In that way, I felt so grateful to be a source of useful information to people out there.

At 9.30am, all of the ardents went to Bilik Kuliah where we met the juniors for the first time. Hmm… first impression? I don’t know. The most visibly is the number, which is smaller than us, 27 to be exact. There were some promising faces, and some looked blurred. Hahaha… and that reminds me to our own first day last year, which were taped, and we just watched the DVD during the Olympiarch preparation, which sent us burst out laughing.


This year also saw the 4th year for the first time – most of them are coming from last year’s 3rd year and 2-3 are new. Unfortunately not all of our seniors were in for the 4th year. Abang Is, Ipin, Zaf and more were absent from the list. Some of them couldn’t resist to work (and pretty good salary). We could only wish for their best.

Then our Head of Department, Prof. Fauzi made the announcement of studio coordinators for each studios. We got En. Mazlan and a new lecturer En. Irfan. Sadly, we won’t be hearing acidic critics from En. Azimin this year, as he’s now leading the 1st year together with En. Kamarul. Wooo… two tough lecturers they got. I hope they won’t be taking their words to heart during the crit sessions later. Hehe…

The 2nd and 3rd year stayed in their same studios as last year. The first year were located to last year’s 3rd year studio, and the 4th year moved to Bilik Kuliah upstairs (temporarily, as their studio was still in construction). I couldn’t help but feel sad for them to move from their studio for the past 3 years.

Our weekly class timetable looks much organized, to our relief. With Friday back as a holiday (which is useless anyway, because we will still be spending it in the studio), Monday and Thursday as design day (which are my favourite day to came later than usual. haha), left Tuesday and Wednesday packed with lectures. Except for repeaters, we finally bid adieu to Mathematics (YAY!!!), together with communication, history and environmental science. For this semester, we’ll be learning AutoCAD with En. Irfan, Structure (which is Physics actually. Argh!!! I thought I won’t be learning physics again) with En. Nasri and continuing our Material & Construction Techno class with Pn. Akmal.

Our schedule for the first couple of months looked heavily packed. With Suai Kenal, Sudanese visiting (looks like it will be a yearly affair), Terengganu academic trip and Fest’Sena on 31st August, which we (the 2nd year) will be organizing this year.

Gotong Royong

After the briefings at Bilik Kuliah, the gotong-royong began. Our studio was in huge mess at the time we left it after Olympiarch. And 3 hours and half a ton of rubbish later, the studio was back to it’s previous state.

Later that day, we were asked to elect our new class representative, Fest’Sena committee and head of Sudanese visiting event. Congratulations to Shafiz Wonka as the new class rep, I think you’re capable for this and hope that you’ll perform better than last … (I have to censor this part). He was also elected head of Fest’Sena and the whole class berkomplot to elect me as the head of Sudanese visiting event, which will be held on July 26th. Although it’s only a one-day event, the task was huge though, as there are many things involved. Hmm… but I tried to take it positively and imagined myself as a project manager in a weekly task in The Apprentice. Hahaha….

Suai Kenal

I skipped the second and third day to avoid this entry from being a novel :) . Let’s get to the exciting part. If our ‘suai kenal’ thingy last year was the ‘arca fakulti kejuruteraan’ project involving 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, this year the lecturers take it to the next level by bringing all of us to Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest, Malacca.

We departed with 3 buses at 11am and arrived at 1pm. Unlike when we went camping at Port Dickson last year, this time we have to build the tent ourselves. All of us were randomly mashed up into tent groups. My group consisted of Ayie, Keghi and Hafiz, with 2 juniors, Syazwan and Ah Song, which thank God, were both very nice. The thing we like most is when the juniors asking. We just love to answer and share our experiences and tips with them.

The first night was spent with group ice breaking session. Each group consisted of 20-something students. Keghi, Nurul, Guan, Beh and Mek Ti were in my group. In the session, we were asked to tell our name, birth date, hobby, favourite colour and “thing I hate most”. Mine is when cars enter the other side of a one-way road.

On the second day, we had our team project, where we were asked to build a 1-2 man shelter and S.O.S lantern. The project was aimed (I think) to expose the juniors the basic knowledge of designing, which is the idea and it’s development. Our group made a two-storey shelter. At 5pm, the lecturers came to each shelter to judge and select the best shelter of all.

Later that night, the prize giving ceremony was held. Our team won the Best Shelter category while Shafiz’s team won Best Lantern. And then prizes were given to the winning team of the football mini tournament. Then comes another surprise mengada-ngada for me. Pn. Akmal, which were very excited about the whole new-student-and-my-blog thingy decides to play ‘Jejak Teman’. Aaaaa!!! Giler malu. It turned out that the junior is Sze Min, who messaged me through Friendster several times asking about the course and UKM. But I didn’t know that she got the place here, until this Suai Kenal thing. Che’ Mi and Kak Jaja won for Most Popular Male/Female Facilitators. After all, the night was happening, the lecturers and the Vice-Dean who were invited was really sporting!!!

On the third morning we went to Taman Mini Malaysia, with the assignments. The 1st year with their sketchings and we with the Material & Construction Techno assignment, where we were asked to prepare a report about Malay houses construction. My group consisted of Nurul, Farah and Anuar focused on Rumah Johor. There’s also a cultural dance show at 12pm and 2pm, which we enjoyed a lot.

Later that night, which is our last night, we built a big fire and asked each junior to introduce themselves. And each time we find a senior who have something in common with them (most of the time, their hometown), we’ll drag them with the junior to perform something. With ‘goreng pisang’ (FYI girls, the correct word is “barbiturat”, not “babiturat” OK! kimia blaja ke x?) and lastly UKM’s cheer, the night really rocks!!!

The next morning, we “demolished” our tents and packed our things back. We were supposed to do a short visit to Banda Hilir first, but unfortunately there’s been a miscommunication with the drivers, so all of us heading straight to UKM. We’re all sooo pissed off in the bus! And then, instead of dropping us to our respective college, the bus left us at the faculty, in the middle of Sunday, where there’s no inter-bus available. So we had to mendaki with our stuffs all the way back to Za’ba.

Extra comments:

Despite being ugly, the toilets at the campsite beat the majority of public toilets in KL hands down! It’s pretty clean, the flushes function well, and the water was clean and never runs out.

The major disappointment in this event is the food. OMG it was terrrrible. The rice is hard cam beras. The chilly sambal that comes with nasi lemak is hot cam cili boh. Aaaaa never use this caterer next time!

Conclusively, the event is pretty successful. Considering the last minute planning and the first time such event is organized, it managed to minimize the difference/“jurang” between batches. I hope it to be an annual event (minus the tent).


fara-D said...
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fara-D said...

woits.....1st.... its EN KAMARUL HAFIZI la....not Ar. ZUHAIRUSE lorr..... apa daaa....

and 2ndly....babiturat kerrr barbiturat kerr.... janji bunyik nya sama!!! that game doesnot require us to SPELL out the words!! wek wek!! THE pc oso bias!! hampagas btols!!~ hUh!!

Adian said...

ooo ha'a. zuhairuse plak. hehe. akan diedit kelak.

ChikaDior said...

hell-o boys! i hate GORENG PISANG game! since boys were cheating. main tifoooo...! abang is main tifooo!!! but i love ainuL (girl-power!) and kak su-e did gud job utk fight kaum lelaki yg tifoooo!!! ahaha *berbaur perkauman di sini*

i hate our meal! gila punya brengsek. apa depa hingat depa dok bagi anak itik makan ka? anak itek pon tammo telan nasik2 mentah tau dak? sux are depa! tapi syukur la AT LEAST last day tu dpt breakfast nasik lemak sdap.

eh, later send gambar2 ke aku eyh. very hina lah without camera ni. hina tingkat tinggi rasanya. and oh.. not to forget... wishing u CONGRATULATION!!!! Pn Akmal mmg mabeles since mengadakan slot yg menjatuhkan air muka ko. very kesian kat ko. but cannot resist ... betapalah aku proud dgn ko. AHAHAH! congratz ar. and she might be ur beloved junior kan? untungnyerrr... HAR HAR HAR!


Adian said...

ahaha... tidak rasenye. krn sindrom racism sudah bermula.. (ayat tidak dapat diteruskan utk mengelak blog ini diban oleh kerajaan Malaysia)

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