Friday, July 07, 2006

A Year After: A Retrospective

I'm sure the juniors who registered earlier (last Sunday) are nearing the end of the sometimes-fun-sometimes-torturing Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa or MMM. It's just 2 days more before the new semester opens, and before I can proudly proclaim myself as a "second year" student, let's have a look back all the way through a year ago.

(DISCLAIMER: This entry is made merely for my future bacaan di hari muka. You're welcome to read, but should you find that a year's summary for an ordinary person kinda boring, kindly stop here.)

Pemandangan dari jendela

Since the first day, I've been able to quickly adapting myself here (I mean small room, no internet, no TV and all those makanan ruji of mine yet I had no such thing as homesick and stuff.) Maybe a year in matriculation have prepared me much. But as a self-confessed reclusive person, I always had problems in creating "network" of friends everytime I'm in new environment. Worsen the situation, there's no one I previously known before, be it from my schools or my practicum. The nearest was Afeeq, at KTHO. Duh. And I'm really not a conversation starter. What about my roomate? After introducing ourselves, our conversations were limited to "kene berkumpul kul brape?" and "lepas ni program ape?". Siannye die dapat rumet cam aku. Ahaha... So there comes my MP3 player as my only source of escapism. When everybody's chatting among themselves, I listened to my MP3s. Or I'll be sms-ing with my old practicum mates. Thus, when everybody's having lots of friends after MMM, I got none. Yes, pathetic.

Kenangan MMM

At the studio, the situation didn't get any better. Everybody was busy making friends with each other. The first person I knew was Alias, for the fact that we're staying in the same college, and he comes from the same school as my roomate. And thank God there's mentor-mentee program, so at least I got to know Shafiz (which now known as Wonka, hahaha...), Hanisa (now known as Nisa, which turned out to be my neighbour, the fact that I only know after 1 semester) and Tan Yeng Luey (now known as Lengloy), whom were placed together with me under En. Azimin.

And then I was "accidentally trapped" into joining the theatre team, where I managed to make my first close friends, Juden, Marina and Jenn.

Theatre members

Few weeks later, all of the ardent first years went for a trip to Port Dickson. And that's where I started to know Anuar (now know as Beb), former classmate of Wonka, and Jawz (which I found annoying from the first day, but now xdela. hahaha). We're in the same tent (I still hate that tent). And the fact that I still don't know everybody's name was proven when I frantically searching for a person named "Kamarulzaman" (now known as Arul) when I got his name during the gift-exchanging thingy. And if the trip's objective was to make us know each other more, it succeeded. Yes, apart from Beb, Jawz and Arul, I started to know a lot more!

Port Dickson

Back from the trip, I resumed my theatre practice, and my friendship with my theatre members grew fonder. I had dinners with them every night, and then to theatre practice up to 3am, and sometimes we hang up together during weekends. Moreover, architecture haven't show it's "belang" at that time, so I'd never came back to college later than 5pm. Talking about lots of spare time.

Picnic by the lake

After we finally performed the theatre, then the ardents got their first "big" project, shelter for meditation, where everything started changing turns. We grew busier each day, with my studio punch-out time became later and later, to 6pm, 7, 8, 9, 10... no more nightly dinners with my theatre members, instead I grew closer to Farah and Nurul, where we'll be climbing back to college every night. And also with the rest of my coursemates, with whom I spent every night working with.

Berjalan pulang

"Oh, dulu ingatkan pendiam. Rupenye bleh tahan ye,"- Ya
"mule2 tu, tgk cam sgt4saaaangat la pendiam, tapi setelah kenal sket..ADOI!!leh tahan gak!!" - Farah's testi.

Yes, that's a few proof that I've become more and more gila-gila everyday at that time, suka kacau sume org dalam studio tu. And I became more comfortable with these people. I mean, they're really a bunch of people you'll really wanted to spend your time with! Yes, including the chinese. We're becoming such a big multi racial family. I don't think you will find anywhere in UKM (or at least, at the kejut cafe) where three malays and three chinese at the same table having breakfast or lunch together other than us! We're sooo like iklan perpaduan kaum in the faculty. I think Pak Lah will be really proud if they saw us.

Nurul and Farah in their first shot with my camera

Then comes Ramadan. A holy month filled with gift and bless. Yes, we were indeed blessed with unity. And during this time, Ainul and Mek Ti started making huge presence to my life. Everyday, we'll be waiting for the acara kemuncak of the day, breaking fast, where Farah will drove us to bazaar ramadan at 6pm, after taking orders from everybody. There's no better time than breaking fast with the whole studio. And after working till early morning, we went for sahur together.

Breaking fast

The first semester ended and the second one started, and this time memang xkasi chance. First day dah project observation platform yang kene bertukang tu. And ever since, we were busied with group assignments, went for that trip to Lumut, apparatus, making models of Lumut town, Fest'Sena, went researching at National Art Gallery & Menara Celcom, final project of living+working gallery, and relief model. And my friendship with my former 'real' friends was nearing history during the 2nd semester. We seldom meet anymore. And they're as busy too.


Lumut model making


There's no such thing as wonderland. When everything went so well my other practicum mates over the semester, you can't help when somehow, there's someone turning into pure useless crap. And it got worsen with each passing day. Okay, let's forget about that. Just for reference.

Then we had a beautiful year ender with Olympiarch. The month of preparation alone provides some of our best tims of the year, and save us too from our long and membesarkan badan holiday.


And as usual, life is a neverending drama. Accidents, lies, bad mouthings, irresponsible team players, and people who took things for granted. Things happened over the year. Things that happened for a reason. Things that revealed one's true colours. Things that had definitely taught us to be more careful in life.

A year has passed. A year full of colours, laughs and happiness, cries and sadness. And also lessons to learn all the way. My gratitude went to all my dearly friends for making the past year a memorable one. These are what all the first years should experience. When people say life at campus are maturing you, they don't lie. Heading to the second year, I don't have a clue of what is about to come. What will it be filled with? More joys or more tears? Will the friendships sustain? Is there a 'great shocker' that will turn things upside down? We will never know. But whatever waiting us for the next 12 months, we'll be eagerly waiting. Because the past 12 is just the beginning.


fara-D said...

waaaa....sonok baca.... bmcm play-back a video of peristiwa2 since the first day in ukm...

well....u shouldn't forget those ppl; enul , beb, and other pemilik motor yg telah byk berjasa dgn bertindak sbg pembeli juadah berbuka puasa masa mula2 b4 aku dibenarkan membawa keta ke kampus tuh.... big round of applause for them ...***clap!clap!clap!*** (aiyoh!!dah mcm anugerah kembara AIM plak komen aku kali ni.....)

ahaha....bout cuti & olympiarch.... 2weeks is enuff for me.... from "mengsihatkan" to having fun (dan juga kebosanan tahap melampau....)....

well.... watever it is....i really hope all of us will stay close for each other ....laughter...cries.....sadness.... happiness....misunderstanding....all of them is just the spice in our, watever is about to come (pinjam ayat ko sat...) ....KITERR ENJOYYYY!!!~ ^__^

ast3 said...

wah. sudah bakal jadik seken year. congratz2. setelah banyak cabaran dan dugaan. banzaii banzaii

ChikaDior said...

OMG adian! (as usual lah, i will start my comment with this word ahaha... and u shud noe how 'OMG!' really tell u my xtra excited!). ok. 1st, aku impresssssssss dgn entry ni. Hey, aku nak gi wat jugakla. But dono if i will onot sbb mls sgt ni.Tp syg plak klu tak flash back. Hmm.. Sgt menarek ingat balik jalan kaki tgh2 malam. i miss those memories. Rasa cam baru but its alr one yr. OMG again. eheh// gud job, adian.

Adian said...


a'ah. camne leh lupe plak pasal mereka tu. biasakla.. 1 year byk sgt nk ingat. papepun, time tu memang best! (tetiba teringat pasal hidangan kfc di tingkat 2)

haha, pas ni nk wat usul, cuti architecture 2 minggu cukup. heheh.

yes, i'm hoping for the same too. harap2 sumenye kekal bkn saje smpi grad / 4th / 5th year, but forever as well.

Yang penting kiter enjoy! - cam citer Puteri je. ahaha, nanti "Puteri Pangkor" kite marah kang sape nk jwb? haha..


tq tq!!! doakan smoga kitorang akan tahan dugaan utk 2nd year plak ni.


OMG!!!! (aha aku pun nak gak). tula, kan aritu aku kate nk wat ulasan kan. nekad utk jadi last entry for 1st year. ha, ko pun wat la gak!!! (juga ditujukan kepada fara-d). ko kan dah abis packing. ko wat mesti 8x ganda lagi panjang dr aku. sekurang2nya adela another side punye point of view.

fara-D said...

alaaa....MALAS!!! packing pon blom....MALAS gak!!!! MALAS MALAS MALAS!!!!

uuu....hari ni hari berMALAS sedonia.....hari ni nak MALAS sepuas2nya
....mari kite berMALAS pada hari ini....sbb hari ini hari LASt nak berMALAS!!!MuAhahaha...LAS!!! kekekek!!!

ChikaDior said...

aku pon malas. malas balik ukm. bukan ml nak pesta di ukm. tapi malas nk mulakan keje2 senibina yg kiokkan system badan

Adian said...

hmmm first2 day dah ade gotong royong. pastu? projek besar ape plak yg bakal menerkejutkan kite kali ni? Oh tidak, kita xkan terkejut dah. Last sem tu dah terkejut gila. Takkan mudah kite diterkejutkan lagi, kecualila tetiba 1st projek kene bina fac sendiri. Hahaha

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