Monday, September 04, 2006

Mega Update Series 1 of 3: Terengganu Trip

I'm not sure if this could be as long as I usually did for our trips, but better than nothing right? OK, here it goes...

This is (oo xbleh, dah lame sgt. kene past tense) It was the first time we took off during night. Selalunyekan pagi2 je. But biaselah kan, travel ke east coast ni memang usually malamlah kan. Bole tido. It's good too, that the Sudanese yang memula nk datang at the same day last2 cancel plak. If not, memang penatla nak melayan them all the whole day+night and then rushing nak prepare plak kan. And good thing too, lepasla my duty as the coordinator for the sambutan, even though I only knew about the cancellation from others, and not from pihak berwajib herself (phm2 sendiri ye.. sensitif nnt)

Antara gambar yang terselamat dari serangan puak2 suke bergambar (yg paham tu pahamla)

Bas kami!
This time trip memang tip-top in terms of the transportation. As usual, we got 2 bus. The whole trip to and from, I got the whole two seats! So it makes me easy to seat / sleep in various posistion (hmm innuendo plak kedengarannya). But during jalan2 at Terengganu, adela partner yg penuhkan seat tu. At first bus tu OK, but sampai2 part naik bukit after tol Karak tu, bus to start making noise. Cam bunyi tak larat+penat. We kinda furious, takutla bas tu suddenly stop and ter-reverse backwards turun bukit. But everything went OK. It's just the noise never stopped until we return to UKM. Hahaha. But the downside of travelling during the night, we missed the beautiful sight along the way. The hills and so on. Everything was pitch black except for signage and lights from cars.

Di sebalik all that, Farah didn't know, that we got plan for her. Farah's birthday fell during our last holiday, and we never throw a real celebration apart from wish2 in Friendster's testimonials. So, a month had passed, and we planned to throw a suprise event for her in the bus at midnight. So, we all penuhkan seat belakang with the cake and Farah pun duduk at the middle seat. But it turns out that En. Mazlan with his wife and their little child are boarding the same bus, so we couldn't make the sudden noise to keep the child awake and cry cry cry. So when the bus stopped at a hentian (I don't remember which one) at 12, we all prayed and refreshed ourself, and when Farah's minum2 at the cafe, we did our little preparation behind the bus. When Farah came, we pretended to take pictures. As I usually did 3...2...1 countdown before snapping pictures, this time I did 10..9...8...until 1, then we sang birthday song, and A'ai brings out the cake. At first Farah appeared puzzled, as her birthday has long passed. But then she realized it's for her. Ahahaha...

Pasukan seekers surprise

Apakah? Apakah?


Uuu.. potong potong..
After the bus continuing the journey, majority dozed off. I didn't remember much, apart from I was awake for seconds when we passed trough Cherating. Next thing I realize, kat luar cermin bas nampak Masjid Terapung sedang disinari spotlight dengan gahnya. UUU dah sampai!!!! Everybody slowly crawling out from the bus, in the cold air before subuh, and ape lagi, started to take cameras out from their pockets and snapping situ sana sini la. After subuh prayer, we were given until 8am to continue picture session or bersihkan diri, before heading to breakfast.



We went breakfast at the infamous Nasi Dagang Mak Ngah, which went into highlight especially in our "official" newspaper Kosmo, after being compounded when she charged RM45 for an ikan tongkol head. Hmm... at first, excited la gak nak merase that famous nasi dagang. But to our dismay, when we arrived, we were "ignored". I don't know how to explain, but it seems like they don't care about this 45 people, terpinga2 how to order, without seats. Yang si Mak Ngah ni plak busy bungkus the nasi dagang. We did ask her, but she keeps working and muttering in-understandable words. The workers pulak weren't helping much. Much of us dah makan nasi lemak at the outside of the shop. But me and others still wanted the nasi dagang. So we waited for empty seats, then the workers came and took our orders. Hmm... I don't know whether that is their style of customer service or what. After 10 minutes the nasi dagang came. Naaahh... tak la sedap mane pun. Maybe kalu customer service tip-top bole jadi sedap kot. The one I ate at Pasar Payang lagi sedap from this one.

Jom makang!!!
Then we proceed to 3 locations as stated in our tentative. Kraftangan Malaysia centre, Permint Suterasemai and Noor Arfa Batek craft complex. Mostly a heaven of information and picture opportunity for those yang pilih batik, songket, anyaman and tembaga as their cottage industry. OK! Skip the Tahun Melawat Malaysia informational thingy. Everything ended somewhere after 12pm, when we're supposed to check in to our hotel. We enter the Kuala Terengganu "city"... my mind was attacked bertubi-tubi with flashbacks. Having lived there for 6 years, everything looks familiar but changed. "Dulu penah makan sini", "Eh, dulu tempat ni lain", "Dah pindah ke, kedai ni?"... It's been exactly 10 years and I had a vague memories of each place I've been to. The most memorable one, the library which I often used to go have turned to something else. We arrived at Grand Paradise Hotel (what a name!) but unfortunately not everyone got their room tided up yet. Me and Wan shared the room 305 (I think). Hmm... smaller than our college, no window like some others, but the worst was the TV. It only catched TV9! I had to menumpang other room to watch other channels. But OKla. Actually it's more than OK. This is the best trip's accomodation we ever got. To finally get the bathroom inside our room itself is priceless. Hahaha... At 5pm we went to Kampung Cina (Chinatown) to do our group project. Then we headed to Pasar Payang, but because it's Terengganu, nearly everything closed before night falls. At night, En. Irfan and En. Mazlan belanja some of us dinner. Keghi ordered a FULL PLATE of flour-fried squid at only RM5! Holy cheap! Nyesal kitorang yg order nasi goreng ni. Hihih...

Iman comel!!!!

Bukan sahaja digayakan sebagai pakaian...

Malah juga sebagai kasut dan bantal. Tapi bantal songket xlehla wat tido.

Songket mesin woo


Canting demonstration

Welcome to oh-so Grand Paradise

Kampung Cina

My group!
The next morning, we went to Pulau Duyong (originally planned by boat, but because the boats didn't go there that day, so we went by bus) to see boat making. Waahhh bukan main sukela si Afiq Jamel who chose boat-making as his cottage industry. Spent like 3 hours there, before returning back to the city to have our lunch. That evening, we're suppposed to go to Aryani resort, famed for the Malay archinature architecture, but because of the privacy issue, we went to Sekayu waterfall instead. Hahaha... dah lame xpegi. We headed straight to the highest level of the waterfall, and.... bush bush la. After that, instead of sending us back to hotel, the bus dropped us at Batu Burok beach, because there's a jom-heboh-carnival-kind-of event. Then masing2 pun rambang mata la tengok all the souvenirs there. I didn't buy anything. Cause tak tau nak letak mane nanti. Buat tempat labah2 wat sarang je. The bus picked us up at 9 (in the huge rain) and send us back to hotel. Because I already buy Coney Dog at A&W, I didn't go dinner, instead lepak2 kat bilik Shah watching Men In Black II je.

Row row row the boat

Next morning, we went to Terengganu State Museum, popularly known as Muzium Losong, largest in Malaysia and South East Asia the brochure claims. Yes, I've been here too. Pernah masuk pertandingan melukis anjuran Nespray lagi. Dapat la saguhati. Hahaha tak sangka datang sini 10 years after that kene lukis jugak. We never know what life brings. This time lukis the architectural elements la. The plan layout and so on. Actually xbleh bawak kamera masuk dalam museum building, tapi ramai je yang seludup2 bawak. Area yang takde CCTV je, sume snap situ sana sini. Spent another 3 hours gak la kat situ. At the outside of museum, ade compound besar which houses all the traditional houses, Rumah Tele, old palaces and ships. Balik tu singgah tempat jual keropok, which what Losong is famed for. Waaa memang best gile la. Then the bus dropped us at THE SITE - where our proposed cultural centre will be "built" on. At that time - 3pm, matahari memang atas kepala, pulak tu tepi laut. OMG panasnya!!! But nak wat camne kan, redah je la kepanasan melampau tu. Taking measurements and all. After an hour, we went back to Batu Burok beach carnival tu, because yesterday ade orang complaint tak cukup shopping lagi. Fine. Amik ko shopping puas2. We return back to hotel before maghrib.

En. Mazlan & En. Irfan. Sama belang. Sama warna.

Site yang panas...

Layang2 itu Chee Yang punya.

Inilah karnivalnya
Morning berikutnya plak, we went to Seberang Takir. Time group assignments barula tau, rupenye dulu sini tempat potong2 tangan orang time hudud law zaman dahulu kala. Uuu... tapi itu dulu, now Seberang Takir has turned into centre of penghasilan produk laut, like keropok lekor, all this ikan, udang kering, and so on. We were shown to the keropok lekor making process, from the fish-head cutting, to uli-uli, to celur, and kering. Actually that's the only activity for the day, because everybody (including lecturers) sibuk nak shopping kat Pasar Payang. Kalau malam dah tutup, so from 12 noon until petang tu bertempiaran la kitorang kat sekitar Pasar Payang, yang pilih cottage industry batik, beli batik, keris beli keris, tembaga beli tembaga, anyaman beli anyaman, songket tak mampu (isk isk), and so on. Evening, I went out with Shah and Wan, pusing satu Kuala Terengganu shopping. (Apela beli bende2 yang ade kat KL. Hahaha) At night, all of us went to Marang to have a seafood dinner. This time tak kira, nak balas dendam order flour-fried squid gak. And then memang kitorang dasar perosak betul, from the moment we stepped out from the bus, yang terpatahkan signboard pun ade, yang tertumpah lampu minyak ada, nasib baik restoran tu xcaught in fire angkara kitorang. Hahaha again.

Potong itu kapala

Artistik tak gamba ni?

Pengeringan ikan

Kat depan skali tu ialah lampu minyak yang akan terbalik beberapa minit lagi
Last day, sumpah memang xsedar papepun, dapat2 sms suruh turun kul 8 sumthing dah. AAAA dahla xkemas anything lagi. Memang rushing giler2. Lebur plan utk breakfast nasi dagang on the last day. So shit. Mujur we're not the last one on the bus. There's more who came later than us. Tak pasal2 kene ceramah free from pakcik bas tu. Adoi... So, we checked out and drop by Tanjung Jara Resort for half an hour. 5 star resort. So paradise. Highly recommended for those who are planning for honeymoon. Then we singgah lagi beli keropok lekor and satar, and our trip came to an end at 8pm when we arrived at UKM.

Wow! bak kata En. Irfan

Wat video klip cantik ni

Yay! At last tertunai my promise to make this entry, although little late. OK Farah and Nurul, korang bile lagi? Agagaga...


fara-D said...

ala u!! i da malas la nak tulis pasal tganu.....kan ko dah review sehabis nya.... ekekek!! tp at least ada gak terselit mlm "surprise" party tuh....cik nurul la plak..>!! deep content on archinature is on the way.....terengganu?? ahaha....tgk la kalo ada mood!! ^_^

Adian said...

cis cis... to make it up, ko kene wat archinature 500 patah perkataan. hahaha..

fara-D said...

hambek!!! dah publish dah pon....huhu!!! lebih 500 tuh...ekekek?!!

lebih kerr??!

ChikaDior said...

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