Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mega Update Series 2 of 3: Holiday


Yippieeee!!! It's finally holiday. Mid-semester holiday. (OMG!!! I just realized something. This is the very middle of my 3-year long course. Makes you wonder, how fast time can pass you by. Wooo scary indeed.) OK, back to my holiday, at first I didn't expect to have a holiday because I heard that FEST'SENA will be held during it. But it turns out that FEST'SENA only took a whole weekend, so that left us with another full week. But we still have to come earlier than other students, because we need to finish our site model. You know, the super big one like we did for our site at Lumut last year. (Click here to refresh your memory) So we've decided to come back on Friday. Assignments pulak suka menyibuk time2 cuti ni, we got an AutoCAD assignment from En. Irfan, History group assignment from En. Nik, and 43 pages of notes to be read for quiz during Pn. Akmal class. So, actually, it's not that holiday!

What I'm doing

Now? Tengah write this entry la. Hahaa. Apart from that, I'm downloading Scary Movie 4. Wuu can't wait to watch it. I have yet to write in this blog about my latest obsession, Gol & Gincu : The Series. Whatever people say about the series, I don't care babeh! The series is NOT just for girls, I tell you! Everybody should watch it. Maybe you don't like the movie, but the series is different. It's not just about love situ sana sini (although Putri and Reza make a VERY CUTE couple, not like other series yang pair hero-heroinnya menjengkelkan) It tells real stories that's happening around us. Isu marriage with older man (no offence, Siti :), bomoh, drugs, pengkid, etc. It's like watching 5-minute drama in the beginning of 3R, but in 1-hour scale. Truly, this is quality television. This is hundred times better than Kawan & 2 Dunia yang makeup tebal mengalahkan sinetron Indon. And I would say a little more natural than Dunia Baru. Balik je last Sunday night, trus bukak internet download the remaining episodes, which ended it's first season last week. Finished watching all 4 episodes yesterday. Wow, everything ended as hoped, and some unsolved issues to be explored in the next season. Can't wait!!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Siti & Datuk K

Although Siti will probably never read this, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish congratulation to Datin S & Datuk K. Whatever people say about you guys, I don't care babeh (2 kali dah ulang ni!) I adore you for who you are and your songs, not your chosen hubby. Hope you will continue producing great songs like those in Transkripsi, and may your fans supports never end. And for those yang tuduh Siti perampas and so on, lets face the facts first. Datuk K has previously divorced in 1998 (8 years ago!!) but decided to rujuk again because of his children. So the previous marriage pun bukanlah bahagia selalu. And the second divorce was in February 2004 ok! More than 2 years back from now. So it's not like he divorced his wife last month and married Siti this month. 2 years is a pretty long time for a couple to fall in love. Ngasriah Ngasri (tiap hari saayaanngg...) pun married after just 3 months kenal. So to the haters, back off!!!

Akademi Fantasia 4

So Faizal takes the crown. So Farhan lose. So what? Yes, I'm truly dissappointed. Watching the finale at Za'ba cafe last month, I'm so exasperated to see he won. Looks like we've found the X-factor to win girls voters' heart - budak kampung image. With heavy Terengganu accent, boyish looks, naivety - he's surely got the advantage over Farhan. OK, welcome to reality AF graduates. Now let's see how many of the voters who will actually buy your CDs. Hahaha... (wah jahatnya entry ni)


No comment. I've never been a fan of Mawi. Moreover after he broke his engagement with Ina. But I really annoyed when Ina launched Catatan Duka Diana Naim. Looks like she's menangguk di air keruh and wanted to have a taste of glamour. I have yet to watch the Mawi...Ina exclusive heart-to-heart show, but from what I've heard and read, now I'm back to camp Ina. It's just people wanted to to take advantage of her, with the book deal, recording contract and so on. She's just wanted to tell the truth. And at the same time, she's grabbing the opportunities too. It's not like she's begging to sing and write books, but it's people who came to her. And she's not coming from a rich family to begin with, so when opportunity knocks the door, why not? Eh, tadi kate no comment. Ahahah...


As written in the last entry, our contemporary gamelan team performed at Festival Seni UKM. Now adding another entry in our portfolio, we performed at our faculty's dinner night at Pan Pacific KLIA 2 weeks ago. It's not easy to get there, with transportation problem and so on. But thank goodness we were given a room at the hotel while waiting the dinner to start. The performance also went quite haywire because of the limited number of songs that we knew. So we keep repeating the same songs before went on to perform our "real deal". And for that, we received compliments from the Dean and the Vice Chancellor who are ending his tenure in UKM.


fara-D said...

i just love our gamelan team!!! (eh....not just gamelan la...there's rebana ubi and the band as well....)
uhuhu!!!satu cabaran untuk sampai ke'pan pacific' itu.....luckily we have each other!!! haihhh!!

Adian said...

ahahha. right!

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