Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mega Update Series 3 of 3: Archinature

Archinature best!!!

That sums up the spirit of the whole FEST'SENA IV which was held last weekend (August 30th - September 2nd). Kudos to THE WHOLE STUDIO 2 as THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE for this wonderful event! I would say that this is better than last year's FEST'SENA, in nearly every aspect!

I'm not going to do a detail review on what's happening every day of the event, visit Farah if you need it. Not that I don't want to, but because of the Terengganu travelogue that I've promised to submit before FEST'SENA (terbabas dah pun), and my other assignments. Again, I promise to do the lengthy review once I got everything under control (which might be a couple of weeks more, I think)

Let me express my highest salutation to:

  • Our dearest lecturer, En. Mazlan. Thanks for your support!!!
  • Shafiz and Ainul, who make a perfect team of our first man and woman of the event. Diorang ni la yg dok gerakkan the whole event and keep up with updates from each department.
  • To our secretaries A'ai and Ai, whose responsible for all the letters and meeting minutes.
  • Mek Ti and Wan, our treasurers yang terlibat dlm urusan kewangan, thanks for Mek yang mintak extra dana from Prof. Clever girl!!!
  • Program coordinators, Farah and Hafiz. Marvellous program! Although nampak hampir sama like previous FEST'SENA, but at least kite relate ngan theme kan, kan?
  • Publicity department, Anuar and Ayie, good job on the banner. Nak satu!!
  • Technical, Beh and Chee Way, you're da man! Especially Beh yang nampak bertungkus-lumus in ensuring everything went smoothly. The stage was a bomb! Only PA system, could be better, but it's out of our control right?
  • Protocol!!! A department I work close with, for the invitation cards and RSVPs. San Sit!!! Kamu memang tabah! Just it would be better if VIP kuar lift at 1st floor instead of ground during perasmian.
  • Souvenir team, headed by Ya and Ceeda. Your team's last minute idea turns out GREAT!!! Those souvenirs looks very archinature. Clap clap!
  • Exco makanan, Ah Tong and Shiken. Food was great. Kami xpernah kelaparan.
  • Special task/tugas2 khas. Chee Yang and Hoay San. T shirt cantik (ehem ehem) and name tag very outstanding!!!
  • Last but definitely not least, Nurul and Chee Yang as the host for award night and tribal night, you guys are superb (though gila2 Chee Yang sumtimes menakutkan. haha), and also to Sarah and Jawz as the opening ceremoning emcees and Kak Shaz as the closing emcee.
As for my department (graphic+multimedia), I'm soo sorry for any kekurangan. I've tried my best, and THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH to those who helped me in the department. From the very early stage, everybody yang contribute idea and comments for the logo and t-shirt design, until saat2 before opening ceremony yang tgh kalut tu, tolong cut and bagi finishing touch kat booklet tu, and also for those yang give moral support and comforting words when I was really down time Award Night tu, that really lighten up my day!


fara-D said...

well...adian...u did a great job la!!! super best!!! i was the lousy one but we did have fun...kankankan?!!!

OMG!! i forgot to include en mazlan's name la in my entry!!!ish....paling important tuh....nak kena edit cepat neh.....zassssssss!!~

Adian said...

ahaha lekas lekas!!!

ChikaDior said...

oh my! *speechless* later i'll come back..

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