Sunday, October 01, 2006


It's coming again. Ramadan is here. Month of holiness and blessings. May you guys have a very meaningful Ramadan this year. By the way, I'm at home this weekend, for a very short break from studio hecticness. We're currently busy finishing our final project for the centre. Our final review will take place before Raya, so you can imagine how rush we are right now. Given that, I don't have decent time to do proper update for the blog. And thanks to everybody who wished during my birthday few weeks back. I appreciate those.

Before I end, this was taken during our 1st buka puasa at studio this year.

See ya next time!


ChikaDior said...

epi ramadhan, fren!

but ramadhan last year still da bomb!

Adian said...

ramadan ni pun same.. tp ko yg xde... ahahahaha... panas! panas!

ChikaDior said...

x panas pon

fara-D said...

oho...i agree with adian....mana tak panas mannnnaaaaaa???
panassss..... ^_^

ChikaDior said...

apa yg panas? panashhhh .. panas-saran???

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