Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally... Updates

Yes, I know how disappointing it was to check out this blog from time to time only to find nothing new. I have to admit I'm currently busy on.... nothing. I don't know. I just don't have that mood, that feel I used to have when I started this blog. Yes, you can say it. I am that type of person. Person who incapable of doing something consistently for a long time. It's happened before to my diary, my journal, and now it's happening again. That explains the (only) 8 entries I made during last semester. But I will try as hard as I could to maintain this blog for dear readers out there, and the first step is to make it less boring to me! So, the result is... My Life As A Me reborn! Rebranding in corporate world is widely known for injecting new spirit into it's employees, so I am hoping the same. Maybe you've already noticed the "cosmetic surgery" I perform on this page. The layout doesn't change much, but I've get rid of the "pictures" theme that I've been using for the past year, into something more natural (yeah... archinature). Blue's always be my fav, but sometimes you need changes. Why daun pisang? I always love it's green hue, especially when it meets the sun. But don't worry, the background will change from time to time, but it will always be leafs. Or maybe I'll use javascript and let you choose your own background, who knows? hehe...

OK, enough for the muqaddimah, let's go to real updates, shall we?


Proof of how outdated this blog is, but for the sake of updating, here it goes...

This year's raya is truly special, because it's the first time we celebrate it together with the studio mate. Unlike last year's when it fell during our mid semester holiday, this time we have to get back to the studio as early as the 3rd day of raya (26th October), with much of us still in festive mood. Thus you won't be surprised to see our studio transformed into kinda "studio terbuka"/"open studio" with lots of kuih raya brought by our mates. But kerja tetap kerja!

And what's more not surprising, to find people fell asleep after working like 20 hours. Here are some of the nominees for the "Best Sleeping Position"


This year's final review has been somehow different. Usually the internal and external reviews were held for two days consecutively, but last semester, the internal fell on 7th November and the external on the 9th, allowing for a whole day of touchups on our panels and models. And my craziness of perfection syndrome came days before the internal review (I've been slowly and steadily hating my panels before), resulting in a COMPLETE change of my panels, from half-printed-half-manual into fully printed panels, which I went to print at Shah Alam on the day before internal (with Anuar and Zaid), sampai meredah hujan dan ribut. But all I can say the efforts were worth it.

my panels!


And the final review marks the green light that we've been waiting for... operation beraya!


En. Azimin's house! Our 14-people rombongan in 3 cars, Farah's, A'ai's and Sarah's successfully reached his house for the first time just following the maps given. Haha. Being an interior designer, I can't believe small spaces can look that good! En. Azimin memang sempoi!

And this time it's En. Mazlan's house! And the record of nearly 40 (thanks to the chinese students, too!) of us cramped his house, it's definitely the most happening raya event this year! Kalah briefing! Thanks En. Mazlan, raya haji nanti kitorang datang lagi!


"Assalamualaikum! Kami kawan Farah datang nak beraya!" haha... Farah lead 15 of us to her house, where her mum served her specialty, macaroni and cheese. Memang marvelous!

After lepaking at Farah's, we went to En. Irfan's family house (or should I say mansion?), he expect more to come and prepared a hell lot of food, so we tried to munch in as many as we could and also bringing the food back to college because of the overload. Thank you so much, we're flattered!


Haha... this is the real highlight. At first, Anuar invited 7 of us to his real house at KKB (he has lots of fake house, haha). And we, without realizing that it's more than a hundred kilometres away, agreed. He took me with his brother's Unser, and was surprised to see me bring nothing.

"Tak bawak beg ke?"
"Eh, wat pe?"
"Kan tido umah aku nanti"
"Ha? Budak2 tu (Farah, Ainul, Mek Ti, Ai and Ya in Farah's car) tau tak?"
"Aku dah cakap"

So I called Mek and they said they didn't bring a thing.

"Diorang tak tau pun"
"Hmm... tak tau la. Farah nak balik malam ni kot"

At first I thought of cancelling, because I have yet to do revision for the nearing exam. But mengenangkan he's already told his mom, I went, "fine" and packed some clothes.

Anuar sure must be uneasy thinking that the girls were unprepared, so he pulled over to his brother's apartment (one of his fake house) at Taman Jaya, and we're discussing, and that's when we realize that it's impossible to do a return drive on that day (given that it's already 5pm).

"Tapi kitorang ni satu apa pun xbawak" - the girls
"Ala, pakai je apa yang ada kat sana"

At first the girls were keberatan, but dah alang-alang sampai KL, fine! We're going!

So, Farah return the car at her house, and all of us packed the Unser (thank God it's an Unser), and our balik kampung journey started! I fell asleep on the way, and we arrived during maghrib. Wow, it feels soo kampung (in a good way), his parents were wonderful, and that night, the girls wore t-shirts and kain batik! Haha... we went "ini betul2 homestay ni. Bole practise untuk Padang nanti". We had dinner on the floor, and spent the night watching TV.

Mek shows what it take to be a good daughter in law

The next day, we drive back at 2pm, and after sending Anuar's sister back to UiTM Shah Alam, Ai and Ya invited us to their sister's apartment for yet another open house at Sentul. And we reached Bangi at 9pm.

Overall, from Nilai to Kuala Kubu Bharu, this year's raya really rock! Can't wait for next year's.


The exam kicks off on 16th November, when we had our first paper, Teori & Idea (pretty OKla, thanks to En. Kamarul for those tips! hehe). The next day, Tekno & Bahan (this one's hard!!), and the first semester of our second year officially wrapped up last 21st November, with our last paper, Structure (so-so). I return home on the 22nd.


For the next 30 days, all of us will be busy searching for sponsor to help us lowering the cost of our next educational trip to... let's just say Indonesia, which now raked up nearly RM1000 per person. Anybody interested? Hehe


Being my most recent craziness, 'Ugly Betty' is another dramedy (drama + comedy) that follows Betty Suarez as the not-so-beautiful, but bright and witty girl, trying to adjust herself to her workplace, the popular fashion magazine Mode, where looks are everything. If you're wandering, yes, it's the adaptation from telenovela 'Yo Soy Betty, La Fea', but the US version looks like "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "Two Weeks Notice". I've been downloading this from the first episode, and it has hooked me and my fellow studiomate ever since.


OMG I'm soo looking forward to watch this! Been hearing and reading so many wonderful reviews of this film. Anybody interested to go with me?


fara-D said...

NAK PEGI!!! jom jom tgk CINTA!!!
miss erin here asyik dok melalak ajak tgk that movie....tak padan dgn kecik!!

well, i have to agree wif u, this raya adalaha raya yg paling bombastic!!! ekekeke..... sakan abis lah!! operasi ziarah menziarah itu lebih meriah jika dibandingkan dengan ziarah menziarah bersama family.... but sonoklah!! year kite raya reramai lagik eh!!~

p/s: bc blog jam 6 pagi? 3? miahaha.... iyo lah tu!!~

Adian said...

ahaha... sbnrnye xbrape siap lagi tp aku publish gak sbb dah janji kan... hahaha..

erin nk tgk cinta? waaa... bagusla bole jadi drama queen dlm panggung tu nnti. hehe

fara-D said...

ahaha...bagos...menepati janji!!!
syabas beta!!~

ChikaDior said...

saya raya rumah encik mazlan sahaja. rumah relatives lagi langsong tiada. kerna apa? kerna kerja. sekarang saya tekad akan beraya dengan giat pada raya kurban kelak.

ugly betty membuatkan saya terpikirkan kak F* tut! "hentikan kebodohan ini!*.

Adian said...

haha boleh plak pempuan tu masuk dlm pikiran ko. tidaaakkk, betty lagi klaka dan friendly. ahahaha

ChikaDior said...

sure la

fara-D said...

kak F*???siapa....jgn la ckp seseorang yg kiter kenal itu?????

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