Friday, December 08, 2006


I've been truly intrigued by the mega promotion with the trailers and music videos airing every 10 minutes in TV3 (which is somehow related to Alternate Studio, which made the movie) and the rave reviews by local journalists and bloggers. Originally plan to catch this "must-see" movie last Wednesday at KLCC (already booked the ticket) but for some reason, I couldn't make it. Instead, Farah did watch it at 1 Utama. And just after she watched it, this is the sms she sent to me:

"Make sure ko g TENGOK! Huhu"

Last night as I browsed through a local torrent site, I struck upon it. OMG someone has uploaded a (kinda) mastercopy of the film! The video has timeline on the centre bottom of the screen. Woah, Malaysian movie industry has turned Hollywood!!! The 1.01 GB file took a whole night to download, and soon when I reached home after Friday prayers, I quickly rushed to my laptop.

2 hours later (1 hr 48 mins to be exact)... I felt so guilty! OMG I shouldn't download this, I have to pay for this! I swear I'll get the DVD when it came out next year, ye Farah!

The reviews goes:

Cinta follows the life of 10 everyday people in Kuala Lumpur (yes, the KLCC was seen like a dozen times here) and their search for the meaning of love. There's 5 couples here, oldies (Rahim Razali/Fatimah Abu Bakar), adults (Eizlan Yusof/Fasha Sandha), youngsters (Pierre Andre/Sharifah Amani), sister-brother (Que Haidar/Nanu Baharudin) and husband-wife (Rashidi Ishak/Rita Rudaini).

The oldies found out that love is not just lust, but in a sense of care and pity. The adults found out that love shouldn't be hidden from the world. The youngsters found out that love needs to be expressed, not kept to themselves. The husband-wife found out that love is everything that makes your partner happy. And the sister-brother found out that love makes you sacrifice everything.

The most touching story is the sister-brother one (I'm sure this is the one that audiences cried of most), the oldies part makes you filled with sympathy, the adults part are a bit cliched but sweet, the youngsters are a bit gila-gila (esp Amani's part), and the husband-wife part makes you just nak tikam the husband because he's baik sangat.

The linking and flow of the storyline were just awesomely done, without making you confuse or anything. I think the strength of this film is the amount of plot contained, so it's packed and not meleret-leret. I'm pretty sure that if you take one of the stories to stand up as it's own movie, only one or two would be able to make it.

The cinematography was OUTSTANDING. Many scenes were done in panoramic view, featuring photography-like camera work, like what you saw in postcards. Or Nescafe TV ads. Even the setinggan area looks rather beautiful here.

The music score is nice and easily blend into certain scenes to capture the emotion and touch your heart (bak kate orang melayu, sebak), but I think it contains too many Indonesian songs though (but nevertheless beautiful). Maybe the producers wanted to sell this film to Indonesia in the future?

In conslusion, Cinta is certainly not a "masterpiece", but contain all the efforts in making one. You just have to watch this, either in the cinemas, or if you want to download it now, make sure you buy the original when they come out. Because we have to support this new generation of Malaysian films. Don't let Nana Tanjung kind of movie filling our screens every month. Not that I hate Prof Razak films (I laughed a lot in Mami Jarum), but just like how you turned Nana Tanjung and (that trashy) Remp-It into a box-office, make sure you do the same to Cinta, to encourage other movie makers into making a lot more films like this, thus making our movie industry something that we truly proud of.


ChikaDior said...

da nonton? rasanyer aku akan jd manusia terakhir yg menonton. kasihan...

tunggu dvd / vcd kuar. =(

fara-D said...

ni komen kedua aku setelah komen pertama ditelan keajaiban alam....huh!!:

haa....dah kan?!!!
akan tetapi ko curang pada usaha penggiat seni yg telah menghasilkan karya seni yg berkualiti itu!!! (apa punya ayat neh???)
hehe...make sure ko bli dvd ori nnt tau!!! spy i and nurul can menjadikan ia harta peribadi...miahahaha!!~

Adian said...

oo kalu camtu aku bg korang copy dlm laptop je la. ahahaha

ChikaDior said...

make sure ko bli dvd ori nnt tau!!! spy i and nurul can menjadikan ia harta peribadi ... jahat gila farah. HARTA PERIBADI lak tu. Klu kata nk pinjam tak pe lagi. Aku dah serik dah. cukop ar cilok dvd ko setahon lamanya. wakakaka! tu pon ada sebijik agi kat umah. 'how 2 lose a guy in 10 days'

NaSh said...

pergh.. aku br pasan biler check balik kat situ 'itu'..
so, takyah laa nak nonton kali kedua kat panggung.. hahak~

fara-D said...

aku mmg jahat...ko lupa ke kiter org jahat yg terang2an ha nurul...kekeke

Adian said...

kamu memannggg... teet. ahahaha

ChikaDior said...

aku memang jahat.

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