Thursday, December 21, 2006

Coming Soon: Sponsorhip Hunt

The "much anticipated" sponsorship letter arrived in our email inbox around last week. And the guys at Kedah have started their sponsorship hunt 2 days ago, but still no luck for them. Most of the firm gave the easy excuse "boss is not here". Hmm... ok, that sounds scary. I always thought it's pretty easy to get some sponsor, because I don't expect them to give a thou or something, RM50 is affordable, do you think so? So, I sms-ed our Selangor group to arrange for the hunt too last night. Shafiz agreed that we start this next Monday. He's keen to start at Bukit Bintang. Eleh, nak BB je. Nanti silap2 shopping DVD. hahaha. But isn't Selangor group supposed to hunt around Selangor? Nevertheless, we'll confirm the location later. Hope our "mission" bears some fruit, please!

UPDATE: It turns out that the next Monday is Christmas. How on earth could I forget that? So, we'll start on Tuesday, assuming it's only a single-day holiday.


ChikaDior said...

nape berdebar eyh bila makin menghampiri 2007?

Adian said...

hmm nape tu. aku xde plak.

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