Friday, December 15, 2006

How a Hiccup Saved my Notebook

Bertemu kembali dalam segmen sudut IT! Haha... actually just wanted to share my recent experience. If you're not into computer related stuff, stop reading this, or you'll be sorry. Haha... (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Due to the my beloved notebook's oh-so-popularity in the studio as a source for the latest mp3's, videos, pictures, *pirated* softwares, etc., it's been a huge target for my studiomates to copy it to their USB thumbdrives. And with thumbdrives, there comes these wicked virus@malware@trojan, with different names, variations, and attacking mode. Sometimes you have to click on the virus itself to activate it (especially when it use the folder icon, as in the damn Brontok case), and the more advance and recent ones don't need any clicking. Just plug in the thumbdrive and the virus will be happily copying itself to my notebook. Sometimes my usually dependable Avast! Anti Virus will detect it at once - with that "eeoonngg--eeooonnggg - caution-- a virus has been detected" police siren which my studiomates have been truly familiarized with. And sometimes, when I didn't get the new virus updates, the shit will be transported.

Avast AntiVirus - free and effective! Love 'em. Click to download.

As in the case of Brontok, I was lucky to get scanned when it's in the early stage (uuu cam kanser plak) so I've got rid of them all and get the protection for the incoming ones, while some of my friends have got their PCs or laptops into the critical stage and were forced to the last resort - REFORMAT. Omg, I'm soo scared of that word, let alone to get one, not just because it's tedious, but also I have to install back my softwares, like - tons of them, get them "cracked", reinsert all important events in my wallpaper calendar, bla bla bla, you know, things like that.

But the new problem surfaced last month, during the exam period, when everytime I play a DVD, the picture and sound will pause for a second for every 10 seconds or so. It's soo freaking annoying. And I suspect it must got to do something with the newly discovered ShipUp trojan (I know the name's kinda innuendo), which I got from a thumbdrive. I've ran a scan to clean it, but it still appear in my registry (omg now I sound like a Tech TV program host, forget this part if you haven't heard of "registry"). And at that time, I'm verrryyy bored, and wanted to watch as many DVDs as I could, so should I reformat? But I saved my thoughts to get a re-scan at home, in hope that everything will be fine again.

Back at home, I tried just every single damn thing. Rescan, install AVG Anti Virus, use TuneUp Utilities, scan with SpyBot - all to no avail. Shoots, I have to reformat. But suddenly I remember the word "hiccup" (orang melayu panggil "sedu") - which just summarized my problem into a single word. So I googled something like "dvd hiccup play problem", went through several forums, and I tried a solution adviced from a former sufferer of this problem. VOILA! The trick just took like 2 minutes, 2 times of restart - and my DVD plays smoothly! Damn, why I didn't think of the word before!

So, should you experience the same case as mine, this is the trick.

1. Go to Control Panel > System
2. In the Hardware tab, click Device Manager
3. Double click IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, and double click Primary IDE Channel
4. Click on the Driver tab, and click Uninstall.
5. And then restarts, and the windows will detect it back, and asked to restart again.
6. Restart again, and you're done!

Please be noted that "hiccups" may happen for many reasons, like your graphic cards, sound cards, etc. This is just an advice. Try it at your own risk. Hehe, well it worked for me.

MORAL (haha cam Bawang Putih Bawang Merah plak): Get your system protected as up to date as possible. And search the net for possible solutions, cause believe me, whatever you're encountering, you're not alone.


Anonymous said...

bongok tak aku g dload avast version BM nyer.... ntah istilah2 nya sukar ku fahami...hahaha!!~


Adian said...

haha tu la, bahasa melayu skrg dah canggih manggih, lagi susah dr english. huhu..

nape xlog in as blogger?

Anonymous said...

ahaha...malassss!!~ X)
~fara d

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