Saturday, December 16, 2006



As half-expected, the exam results that rumored to be out yesterday (Dec 15th) finally didn't turn up at all. So, my bet is on 20th. Tak saba2 padahal exam wat tahape2 je haha... actually be it good or bad (god forbid!), I'll always excited to get every exam results, because it makes me relieved. (And it's also excited to know my friend's results as well!)


This week I've been busy tidying up my 2000 plus mp3 collection, since I have so much time to waste. But it's not a waste, you see. After sorting from mp3 to mp3, delete the ones that I'm beginning to hate or annoy, ones that I downloaded just for fun, or the ones I downloaded for the sake of "I have it also la" to make space for the freshies. Haha, habis madu sepah dibuang kata orang. Yes, why not? Why should I keep things I don't want anymore, right? And I ended deleting 200 songs, which means some 600-800MB, assuming each took 3-4MB. So you see, it's not a waste of time at all. It save my time from keep skipping unwated tracks. And it also saves me a huge chunk of disk space! Yay!


Also, I've bid my final goodbye to my iTunes. Sure, it's neat, got sooo cool flipping album art and everthing, but it's also took a HUGE amount of my system's memory - we're talking about up to 56 MB plus, more than one tenth of my 512MB memory. Imagine that, and add Photoshop, Limewire, Bitcomet, Firefox and Yahoo Messenger (yes, this seems to be little app took like 42MB of memory) running at the same time, could resulting in stuck-y and freez-y moments, that sure raise the notebook's temperature - as well as mine. So, what am I using now? Surpise, surprise... WinAmp! OK, I know I once put it in my "un-cool" app category, but it take just 23MB of memory. And you know what, previously in my iTunes, when I add all my mp3s into the library, it always shows up some 100 songs less, for some unknown reasons. That means I lost 100 songs in the library. How ridiculous was that? And everytime I downloaded new songs, I have to manually insert it in the library. Verrryyy tedious. With WinAmp, I just put my whole mp3 folder and it will keep monitoring and adding any new mp3s automatically. How easy. And I know the interface is not that appealing, but you can search from thousands of (super crap to super cool) WinAmp skins on the net and apply it. (You can even use iTunes skin if you miss it). The crossfader is better than iTunes, and there's a lot of cool plugins, including album art too.

My current WinAmp skin. Suits well with my jaguar skin wallpaper rite?

The notifier that pops up during the start of song is waay cooler than iTunes album art.


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