Sunday, December 24, 2006


So I was certain that the result will be out on Dec 26th. And then last night, an SMS landed on me from Chee Way saying the results can already be checked by sms system that I posted on before. I was sceptical, but decided to give it a try. Damn! My credit expired! Just after midnight! In a very crucial moment. I know this is a "sign" that the news is true. I checked SMPWEB again, still nothing. Maybe Chee Way playing a joke with me? I buzzed Nurul in Yahoo Messenger. It turns out that the sms also landed on her. I asked her to check if it's true, so I will reload my credit. She asked Chee Way, and said that he's checked it himself. It's true. THE RESULTS ARE IN. 2 minutes later, I was reloaded. I sent the sms.

Me: aaa aku dah hanta sms tu.
Nurul: aku pun
Me: takutnya. cam sakit perut plak
Nurul: aku pun

"Meow!" my handphone got an sms. From 39993. Dup, dup, dup. TARAH!!! My eyes scrolling excitedly scrolling through the sms.

So How?

OKlah. Macamlah I expected something "wow" in the first place. Overall, I scored pretty good in the subject I pretty confident I will, and sinked in the subject I know I didn't do good enough. Well, it's a simple rules. You work hard (or smart), it pays hard. You work easy, it blows hard. Haha... congratulations for those who made it to the Dean's List! And don't give up for those who think they're underperformed this semester. Try again this coming semester! 10 days to go guys!!!

Again, for UKMians, the sms goes like this:

And by the way, RM1 will be charged for each SMS. Nothing on smpweb yet. UKM really knows how to make money.


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